The Art of Sentence Arrangement

The Art of Sentence Arrangement The Art of Sentence Arrangement Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174821874

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1. Introduction .. 3 4 2. Opening Sentence 5 8 3. Group Arrangement 9 25 4. Sequence Arrangement 26 34 5. Practice Questions 35 46 6. Answer to the Practice Questions With Explanation . 47 56 7. Practice Questions Management Type . .. 57 68
Sentence Arrangement
Introduction The given sentences together constitute a paragraph containing a single thought of course, in different sentences different aspects of that very thought may be enumerated. Once arranged, these sentences together form a cohesive not aberrative whole where there is an uninterrupted continuity i.e., previous sentence leads to the next sentence and so on. This basic truth about sentence arrangement SA or Paragraph Reconstruction PR was needed to be reiterated as this works as the ultimate clue to arranging sentences and the most effective factor of measuring accuracy. But, this is what I d call idealistic clue which requires a fairly fast understanding and an unerring reflex action. Practically, this misses and more so when there is a severe time constraint and equally important other considerations too. And herein comes the scope of some timesaving and accurate clues the two most important considerations of the students. However, before dealing with the clues in details, it is imperative to expose you to the rationale behind the clues so that you come to realise not only how why too of the clues. The author would like to emphasize it with all seriousness that rationale is equally important as clues and therefore, imbibe the rationale first in toto to make clues enlighten you in solution to SA. Problem Arranging a number of sentences each as a separate entity on the basis of its meaning could be problematic in that if we are pitted against sentences of equal status as it often happens which one should precede Rationale Simply put, tackling a number of separate entities could be is difficult. The rationale
behind providing clues is to reduce these entities