The World of Idioms and Phrases

The World of Idioms and Phrases
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The World of Idioms and Phrases

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174821980

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Contents Sl. No.
Page No.
01. Popular Idioms and Phrases A-3 B-13 C-23 D-32 E-38 F-42 G-48 H-58 I-63 J-71 K-73 L-77 M-82 N-87 O-89 P-95 Q-101 R-102 S-106 T-113 U-119 V-121 W-122 X-126 Y-126 Z-126
3 126
02. Exclusive Phrasal Verbs A-127 B-128 C-132 D-138 E-141 F-142 G-145 H-150 I-153 J-153 K-154 L-156 M-159 N-161 O-161 P-162 Q-166 R-166 S-169 T-177 U-183 V-183 W-184 Y-188 Z-188
127 188
03. Idioms and Phrases in Pairs
189 197
04. Some Peculiar Pairs of Idioms and Phrases
198 198
05. Very Common Idioms and Phrases from Latin and French languages
199 200
The World Of Idioms and Phrases
1. Popular Idioms and Phrases
A 01. ABC basic knowledge of. Do you know the ABC of Nuclear Science 02. A bad lot a dishonest or of a bad qualities. Rakesh is a bad lot of our colony. 03. A big gun an important person. He is a big gun of this company. 04. A fancy price high price. M. F. Hussain s painting fetches a fancy price. 05. A free-lance an independent journalist. He is a free-lance writer.