Taking A Lesson From The Mistakes Of Others By S. C. Sawhney

Taking A Lesson From The Mistakes Of Others By S. C. Sawhney Taking A Lesson From The Mistakes Of Others By S. C. Sawhney Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159224

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oing something objectionable to the society is generally regarded a mistake. Doing something not permitted under law is considered a crime. Similarly, doing something not permitted under the religion is considered a sin. Whether we commit a mistake, a crime, or a sin, we stand to lose not only our reputation and incur some financial loss, but we may also have some mental distress. Unless we are able to satisfy others that we are right we can t claim to be right. Yet we may also have to do some things that are normally not permitted, due to some reasons of our own. But as long as we are not expected to compensate for the loss anybody may incur due to such an action and we don t compensate the affected person, we would be considered to have committed a mistake. If we ever commit a mistake it only shows that we had not been as cautious as we should have been. Of course, the mistakes make us more cautious for the future. But it is not enough to depend only on our own mistakes. We should also learn lessons from the mistakes committed by others. The following quotation of Chicago Tribune inspires us to develop the habit of making the mistakes of other persons also a ground for learning. Only some of us can learn by other people s mistakes. The rest of us have to be the other people. The quotation does not speak well of the people who do not learn from the mistakes of others. This book begins with the story of a girl who reposed too much confidence in her inner voice. She married a boy without even ascertaining his family background. No wonder, it became too late by the time she could realize that our inner voice can mislead us also. This way, I have covered several real-life stories to make you aware of the type of mistakes some people have committed in their life. I have, however, also focused on the action these persons took to rebuild their image. The book is of course neither a treatise of all types of mistakes nor I expect that you too would pass through the situations these persons had passed. But I expect that whatever types of situations you may pass through, these examples would go a long way to let you take a right decision in your future life. Author
here are some persons who always try to do something that may give pleasure to others. They like to ascertain what help they can render to others to make them feel happy. I think Ram Tirath Mohan who had come to Lucknow, his native place from abroad after retirement from his service in the Foreign Services of India is also a man of this type. I know him only as a

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