SChand’s ISC Mathematics For Class XI

SChand’s ISC Mathematics For Class XI SChand’s ISC Mathematics For Class XI Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE TO THE REVISED 2011 EDITION It gives us pleasure to be able to present this thoroughly revised and updated edition of our popular book for ISC students. The council has made certain changes in the syllabus of class 11 for the year 2011 12 and thereafter. They are as under a The following new topics have been included Mathematical Reasoning Type of relations Reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations. Binary operations Composite functions, Inverse of a function. b The following topics have been deleted Logarithms Differentiation of implicit functions Differentiation of parametric functions Integration by simple substitution f ' x Integration of the type f x n f x and dx. f x All the above mentioned changes have been fully incorporated in this edition. The new features of this edition are 1. The text matter has been revised, rehashed and re-cast wherever a need was felt to make the treatment more systematic and easier for the student to understand and learn. Special mention may be made of the chapters on Quadratic equations Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem, Relations and functions, Continuity and differentiability, Applications of derivative, Vectors and statistics. 2. The following chapters in the old edition have been merged to bring in continuity and make the content more precise. i Chapters 9 and 10 ii Chapters 17 and 18 3. Further effort has been made to prune the exercises and leave out whatever was felt to be redundant and irrelevant and not required for this course. 4. To facilitate smooth study, Hints to Selected Questions have been given at the end of the exercises. 5. Chapter Summary and Chapter Test have been given at the end of every chapter. This, it is hoped, would greatly help the students in revising, consolidating and evaluating their understanding of the concepts learnt in the Chapter. The syllabi as well as the trends in class-room teaching keep on changing and so Revision and update of a textbook is a continuous process. Feedback and comments from learned teachers would be most welcome and gratefully acknowledged. AUTHORS
EXCERPTS FROM THE 2010 AND 2009 EDITIONS 2010 EDITION 1. The following chapters have been recast re-written. Redundant matter and questions involving lengthy calculations have been deleted. More solved examples of various types have been included wherever a need was felt to do so. i Permutation and Combination ii Mathematical Induction iii Binomial Theorem 2. The chapter on Relations and functions has been re-written by re-organising and