Quicker Numerical Physics

By Dr. R.V.S. Chauhan and Dr. H.P. Sharma more
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Publisher Upkar Prakashan
ISBN 9788174825049
Author: Dr. R.V.S. Chauhan and Dr. H.P. Sharma
Available in all digital devices
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Quicker Numerical Physics by Dr. R.V.S. Chauhan and Dr. H.P. Sharma
Book Summary:

The present book 'Numerical Physics' has been written on a wellconceived, broad based, scientific plan specially for the benefit of students preparing for entrance examinations of Medical and Engineering faculties. The book is uniquely useful in systematic study and last minute revision of entire subject matter for these examinations and is of great help to them in committing to memory the entire range of formulae and their shortcut and to-the-point applications. To test your understanding and level of preparation, a number of highly selective numerical examples with explanatory hints and/or short-cut solutions are given at the end of each chapter. 

Audience of the Book :
It is equally useful for CBSE, ICSE, intermediate and all other 10 + 2 level examinations.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.These are immensely useful from examination point of view.

2.Well-prepared students will find the book still more useful


Table of Contents:

1. Units and Dimensions

2. Kinematics

3. Vector Analysis

4. Circular Motion

5. Newton’s Laws of Motion

6. Work, Power and Energy

7. Universal Gravitation

8. Simple Harmonic Motion

9. General Properties of Matter

10. Elasticity

11. Surface Tension

12. Flow of Liquids

13. Heat

14. Sound

15. Light : Reflection of Light From Plane Surface

16. Refraction of Light Through Spherical Surface

17. Electricity

18. Capacity

19. Electric Conduction

20. Simple Circuit

21. Moving Charges and Magnetic Field

22. Galvanometers, Ammeter and Voltmeter

23. Magnetism

24. Electromagnetic Induction

25. Alternating Current (A.C.)

26. Diode Valve and Triode Valve

27. Cathode Rays and Positive Rays

28. Photoelectric Effect

29. Radiation

30. Structure of Atom

31. X-Rays

32. Radioactivity

33. Nuclear Energy

34. Matter Waves and Special Theory of Relativity

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