Poultry Science and Practice : A Textbook

Poultry Science and Practice : A Textbook Poultry Science and Practice : A Textbook Sample PDF Download
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Poultry Science and Practice : A Textbook

Publisher: CBS Publications
ISBN: 9788123925448

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About this eBook

Preface his book Poultry Science and Practice A Textbook is actually com posed o f two parts, viz. Part I A vian P rod u ction M an agem en t and Part II C om m ercial Poultry Production and H atchery M anagem ent.
This book has been prepared by strictly covering the revised syllabus of two co u rses L P M -211 an d L P M -2 2 1 for B V Sc and AH stu d e n ts, fram ed b y the Veterinary C ouncil of India, the apex body for veterinary education in India. Such a type o f VCI syllabus-oriented textbook is rarely available in India. The text m aterial is presented in a sim ple and lucid language. The inform ation is up-to-date and given in concise form and in such a m anner that the book can be used as a substitute for class notes. A large num ber of objective as well as subjective questions given at the end of each chapter is an additional attraction of the book, as the students can prepare them selves for the com posite annual exam ination under VCI pattern. For the use of this book in practical fields, all the relevant points in poultry' production including chicken, duck, quail, turkey, Guinea fowl, emu and goose h ave been h ig h lig h ted in this text. B esid es, the pou ltry d ru g in d ex in d icatin g m edicines and vaccines available in the m arket for m aintenance o f poultry health, helps a lot to the neovets and practising poultry specialists. W ho w ill be benefited This book is prim arily m eant for veterinary students of India. It w ill also help the concerned teachers dem onstrators o f all veterinary colleges universities in India for offering this course. This book will also be useful for veterinarians, livestock developm ent officers, anim al husbandry extension personnel and progressive poultry farm ers in India and other tropical countries.
Nilotpal Ghosh
Acknowledgments t is m y im m en se p leasu re that this b ook has u ltim ately com e to light. The in fo rm a tio n re c e iv e d from v a rio u s so u rc e s is g ra te fu lly a c k n o w le d g e d . Bibliography has been given at the end of this book to give due credit to the authors. I extend m y than ks to m y teach ers, relativ es, friends and colleagu es for their inspiration and m otivation. My acknow ledgm ent would be incom plete, if I do not m ention the nam e of m v reverend teachers Prof DN M aitra, Prof L M andal and Prof G C houdhuri, w ithout w hose blessings and encouragem ent I could not have com pleted this work. I also convey m y regards to my teachers Prof SC M ajum dar, Prof SK Roy, Prof AK Sam anta, Prof S Pan and Prof R Sam anta, w ho nurtured me during my m asters degree study and research.
My sincere thanks are due to M r SK Jain, Mr YN Arjuna and their team at CBS Publishers D istributors, N ew Delhi, for publishing this title. I will wrelcom e any suggestion and observation from students, teachers and other readers w hich would help in bringing out a revised and im proved version of this title. Suggestions m ay please be sent to m y e-m ail address gn ilotpal yahoo.com .