Plant Physiology Fundamentals and Applications

By A Kumar And S S Purohit more
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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Plant Physiology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177540949
Author: A Kumar And S S Purohit
Number of Pages 837
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Plant Physiology Fundamentals and Applications by A Kumar And S S Purohit
Book Summary:

New information keeps on expanding and enriching every sphere of knowledge. Plant Physiology is more like a rule of this dictum. The primary motivation for preparing this text was our own need for organising a document on the subject that presents the current scenario of advancements in fundamental concepts and the perspectives of application.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Plant Physiology.
Table of Contents:
  1. Plant Physiology: Fundamentals and Applications
  2. The Plant Cell: A Symphony Epitomized
  3. Biophysics: Basic Concepts
  4. Water Relations: the Dynamic Scenario
  5. Absorption of Water and Mineral Elements By Plants
  6. The Ascent of Sap Realm of Hypotheses
  7. Transpiration: A Queer Navigation
  8. Mineral Nutrition the Inorganic Support
  9. Enzymes: Bio Accelerators
  10. Visible Radiations and Photosynthesis
  11. Proteomics and Genetics of Photosynthetic Apparatus
  12. Photosystems in Chloroplast
  13. Bacterial Photosynthesis
  14. Path of Carbon
  15. CAM Plants
  16. The Photorespiratory Carbon Oxidation Cycle
  17. Respiration: the Second Energy Transduction
  18. Nitrogen Metabolism from Bricks to Building
  19. Growth of the Green Plants
  20. Plant Growth Regulators
  21. Auxins
  22. Gibberellins
  23. Cytokinins Juvenile Hormones
  24. Abscisic Acid
  25. Ethylene: Ripening Hormone
  26. Seed Physiology Dormancy and Germination
  27. Physiology of Flowering
  28. Photomorphogenesis
  29. Fruit Ripening
  30. Senescence: A Suicidal Impulse
  31. Movements in Plants
  32. Circadian Rhythms in Plants
  33. Stress Physiology
  34. Plant Physiology in Agriculture and Industry
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