Metal Casting & Joining

Metal Casting & Joining

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Publisher PHI Learning All Mechanical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120350779
Author: JOHN, K. C.
Number of Pages 576
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About The Book Metal Casting About The Bookamp; Joining

Book Summary:

Designed for the undergraduate students of mechanical engineering and allied branches, this book serves as a bridge between the study of the basic processes and their application in production industries.

This book covers two similar fundamental processesfoundry and weldingin a single volume. The chapters of the book are grouped in seven modules. A separate module is devoted to introduce the preliminaries of the two areas namely casting and joining processes. Miscellaneous welding and allied processes, including the modern methods and thermal cutting, conventional sand mould casting, special and modern casting methods, conventional metal joining processes and theory of solidification of metal, its metallurgy, defects in castings and casting design procedure are covered in the book. The theory of each process is explained with the help of simple line sketches which can be easily reproduced by a student at the time of examination. Enough worked out examples and problems are given for practice, especially in the design areas. At the end of each chapter, sufficient number of review questions are given as exercise.

Table of Contents:


Module A: Preliminaries of Metal Casting and Joining

1. Principles of Metal Casting

2. Principles of Metal Joining

Module B: Conventional Sand Mould Casting

3. Pattern Making

4. Mould and Core Materials

5. Moulding

6. Core Making

7. Gating System and Risers

8. Metal Melting and Pouring

9. Shakeout and Cleaning of Castings

10. Foundry Mechanization and Management

Module C: Special Casting Processes

11. Shell Mould Casting

12. Investment Casting

13. Pressure Die Casting

14. Centrifugal Casting

15. Continuous Casting

16. Miscellaneous Special Casting Processes

Module D: Conventional Metal Joining Processes

17. Arc Welding Processes

18. Resistance Welding Processes

19. Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding Processes

20. Brazing and Soldering Processes

Module E: Miscellaneous Welding and Allied Processes

21. Miscellaneous Old Welding Processes

22. Modern Welding Processes

23. Thermal Cutting Processes

Module F: Solidification of Metal and Casting Design

24. Solidification and Cooling of Castings

25. Casting Defects

26. Principles of Casting Design

Module G: Metallurgy of Welding and Design

27 Metallurgy of Welding

28 Welding Defects

29 Principles of Design for Welding and Drawing

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