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Management is the art and science of organising and directing human effort applied to control the forces and utilise the materials of nature for the benefit of mankind. Management is the basic integrating process by which organisations are created, maintained and developed in the production of goods and services. Thus, management is the sum total of those activities which pertain to the laying down of purposes, plans and programmes of an enterprise, securing men, materials and so on needed for their realisation. Putting all of them into effective operation and checking their performance, provide mental satisfaction to all the men engaged in the operation, and ultimately contribute to the social good. In the new millennium, the management of an enterprise is to be judged not merely for productivity and profits but exhibiting its excellence in managing the change. Because only change is permanent and changes are likely to occur in political, economical, technological, environmental and societal situations.
1.2 a MANAGEMENT VIS-A-VIS ADMINISTRATION Administration is the overall function of formulation and determination of major objectives, policies, programmes and so on. Management is the doing function, concerned with the carrying out of these policies, programmes and the like. Thus, administration is the force which lays down the objective for which an organisation and its management are to operate the policies.
1.2 b MANAGEMENT VIS-A-VIS LEADERSHIP Leadership is concerned with influencing others to work towards a goal. But management is much more. A manager has to plan, organise, direct, motivate, coordinate and control. Management is the overall process, of which leadership is only a part.

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