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Literature and Language For Degree Classes

By C.T.Thomas more
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Chapter 7 Computers - Peter Laurie ₹7.20
Chapter 8 My Financial Career - Stephen Leacock ₹7.20
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Chapter 10 On the Rule of the Road - A. G. Gardiner ₹7.20
Chapter 11 The Lure of Lottery - Samuel Johnson ₹7.20
Chapter 12 Night of the Scorpion - Nissim Ezekiel ₹7.20
Chapter 13 The Chemistry Hour - Gerald Bullett ₹7.20
Chapter 14 The Unknown Citizen - W.H. Auden ₹7.20
Chapter 15 Bankers are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer - Ogden Nash ₹7.20
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Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9789351380979
Author: C.T.Thomas
Available in all digital devices
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  • About the book

Literature and Language For Degree Classes by C.T.Thomas
Book Summary:

This book is an exciting and illuminating quick to the use of English which everyone must have. it contains useful and original information, practical and everyday examples, insightful explanations and authentic exercise to help you to build and rebuild your confidence in using English.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for English Grammer.
Table of Contents:

Part One: Grammar and Usage

1. British or American English?

2. Is it a 'global world' or a 'globalized world' ? 

3. Which is correct: 'declared the meeting open/opened'?

4. Tribe or Ethnicity?  

5. What is the difference between 'life history' and  'life story'?  

6. Money Talks  

7. Chop-Chop  

8. Catch-22  

9. Touch Wood  

10. Go to Pieces  

11. Ring Road  

12. Rack Your Brains!  

13. Do I mean every two months or twice a month?  

14. 'Paper' and 'Papers': When do we use the plural form?  

15. Should we shun 'impact' as a verb?  

16. Some Idiomatic Expressions  

Part Two: Homophones and Confusing Words

17. Homophones and Confusing Words:

An Introduction  

18. Back up and Buck up  

19. Cause and Course  

20. The Treachery of 'Casual'  

21. Cease and Seize  

22. Censor and Censure  

23. Cite, Site and Sight  

24. 'Disinterested' and 'Uninterested' : Revisiting an old dispute  

25. Draught, Draft and Drought  

26. Foul and Fowl  

27. Flash and Flush  

28. Guard and Guide  

29. Heal Your Heels  

30. Lamp and Lump  

31. Loose and Lose  

32. Portable and Potable  

33. Reign and Rein  

34. Resort and Result  

35. Round and Around  

36. Scrap and Scrape  

37. Sever and Severe  

38. Stake and Steak  

39. Straight and Strait  

40. Laughing Stock or Stalk?  

41. Tends to Turn  

42. Thick and Thin  

43. Through and Thorough  

44. Practice Exercise on Homophones  



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