Growing Bulbous Ornamental Plants

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PREFACE A large number of bulbous ornamental plants are grown in India for beautifying the gardens, parks and houses. Bulbous plants are cultivated especially for their attractive form, colour and fragrance of the flowers and foliage. They are increasingly used in borders, beds, rockeries and window boxes. Some plants with attractive shape, colour and pattern of work of the foliage are used as pot-plants for interior decoration. Some bulbous flowers like Tuberose, Gladiolus, Narcissus, Gerbera, Bird of Paradise, Heliconia and other lilies are cultivated commercially throughout India for production of high valued cut flowers. At present the cultivation of bulbous ornamental plants has become a profitable agribusiness in India. The growers need a book having all aspects on scientific cultivation of bulbous plants. But it's unfortunate that there is no such book in the market. Therefore an endeavour has been made to provide all the useful practical information on various aspects of cultivation of bulbous plants grown in India. Brief description of the plants, varieties grown, agronomic and cultural practices have been presented in an interesting way. The book is written in a very simple and understandable language. I hope that it will be a great help to U.G. and P.G. students of horticulture, researchers, horticulturists extension workers, nursery men and commercial growers. I acknowledge with thanks the help and inspiration rendered by Dr. R.G. Maity, ex-professor of Department of Horticulture, B.C.K.V, Dr. B.C. Das and Dr. A.K. Pal, Department of Hoticulture, B.C.K.V., Mohanpur and Dr. S Mukherjee of U.B.K.V., Coochbehar, W.B. have helped me to prepare this manuscript. I am also thankful to Mr. Rajat Mitra of Kalyani, W.B. For taking beautiful photographs and drawing the sketches. Each and every member of may family have helped me a lot during the preparation of this book and I thank them all from my heart. All constructive criticism and comments on the book by the readers are most welcome and shall be added to the future edition.
S.N. Das
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