Triazole Compounds in Horticulture

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Preface One of the major problem in horticulture is low crop productivity with inferior quality. Our population is growing at an enormous rate and therefore, it is of paramount importance to achieve an enhanced rate of quality production of crops in order to keep pace with the population growth and to reduce our dependence on cereals, pulses, fibres, sugar etc. and their imports from foreign countries. Horticultural crops have potential to provide all round the year production in wasteland and can be used as a substitute of cereals banana , pulses peas and beans , fibres okra and sugar sugarbeet etc. Plant growth regulators including growth retardants and growth promoters are used to assist the growth and development of plant and they may play a key role for assisting the fulfilment of need for another green revolution in our country. A book on TR IAZO LE COMPOUNDS IN HORTICULTURE is published for the agriculture students of different agricultural univer sities of India and the persons engaged in horticultural research and development. Roles for plant growth regulators has been to facilitate the propagation of new lines through tissue culture, flowering, fruiting, sex expression, off season crop cultivation, quality improvement and resistance against diseases and climatic stresses etc. The present book is an effort in this direction in which the author has attempted to describe the importance of triazole compounds in horticultural development chemistry and classification of triazoles method of extraction, purification and quantification transport and metabolism within the plant endogenous plant hormones physiology of plant vegetative vigour reproductive development fruit quality in vitro responses and root growth with supporting latest references, figures, tables and photographs etc. Terminology related to plant growth substances has also been incorporated in the book to further enhance the utility of the book. All the latest research findings on various aspects of triazole compounds have been incorporated in the text. The book is written in a simple language and easy to understand style. The publication of this book is not only timely but has a significance which is more than academic.
T ria z o le C o m p o u n d s in H o rtic u ltu re
I take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the contribution made by various persons in the preparation of this book.. I warmly acknowledge the various sources and publications from which valuable materials for this book has been drawn. I am deeply indebted to the entire staff of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Anta for the help rendered by them in the preparation of this book. I express my sincere appreciation to Dr Sant Ram, Dean, PGS, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, who inspired me to write this book and gave valuable suggestion from time to time. I also wish to acknowledge and express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Prof. L.L. Somani, Director, Resident Instructions,