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Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT (PTU) By J.B.Dixit

By J.B.Dixit more
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Computers ₹152.25
Chapter 2 Working Knowledge of Computer System ₹152.25
Chapter 3 Problem Solving & Program Planning ₹152.25
Chapter 4 Overview of C++ Language ₹152.25
Chapter 5 Operators and Expressions ₹152.25
Chapter 6 Beginning with C++ Program ₹152.25
Chapter 7 Control Structures ₹152.25
Chapter 8 Functions ₹152.25
Chapter 9 Arrays and Strings ₹152.25
Chapter 10 Concepts of Object Oriented Programming ₹152.25
Chapter 11 Classes and Objects ₹152.25
Chapter 12 Basics of File Handling ₹152.25
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Product Specifications

Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9788131807019
Author: J.B.Dixit
Number of Pages 552
Available in all digital devices
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  • About the book

Fundamentals Of Computer Programming And IT (PTU) By J.B.Dixit
Book Summary:

PART A of the book presents Fundamentals of Computer and IT in a simple and easy to understand style. The subject matter thoroughly clears the doubts (if any) of both a novice or an experienced computer user.

PART B of this book covers Basics of Programming Using C++. It presents all the C++ programming topics from elementary to basics of file handling with properly tested programming examples.

Audience of the Book :

This book is written for Engineering, M.Tech., M.C.A., M.Sc. (Computer Science), B.C.A., B.I.T., B.Sc., P.G.D.C.A. and other diploma course students.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

Motivates the unmotivated and provides the teachers an unequaled approach that allows them to teach students with a disparity of computer experience backgrounds.

  • Covers detailed theory supplemented with appropriate figures and examples.
  • Introduces Computer Organization.
  • Introduces Operating System.
  • Introduces Word Processor, PowerPoint and Spreadsheets.
  • Covers evolution of Internet and its applications and services.
  • Covers Problem Solving and Program Planning.
  • Provides the Basics of Programming using C++.
  • Covers abundance of C++ programming examples with proper testing on Turbo C++ Compiler.
  • Covers adequate number of exercises and review questions of all types.
  • Provides user friendly approach.

Table of Contents:


1. Computer Basics

2. Introduction to Windows

3. Introduction to MS-WORD


1. Introduction to C++ Language

2. Data Types, Variables and Constants

3. Operations and Expressions

4. Control Structures

5. Arrays and String Handling 6. Functions in C++

7. Concepts of Object Oriented Programming

8. Structures

9. Classes and Objects

10. Constructors and Destructors

11. Operator Overloading Concepts and Type Conversions

12. Inheritance (Extending Classes)

13. Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

14. Managing Console I/O Operations

15. File Handling

16. Introduction to Information Technology

17. Introduction to Internet and its Applications

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