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Floriculture : Fundamentals and Practices

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Publisher Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177540925
Author: Laurie Alex And Ries VH
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PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION Floriculture is not static. Constant changes are occurring in methods of culture brought about largely by the advances made by research workers in the various Federal and state agricultural experiment stations. In particular pest control measures have undergone such great changes that the recommendations made in the previous edition are completely out of date. To a lesser degree advances in the control of moisture in the soil have likewise been striking. As a consequence, a revision of certain chapters in this book was deemed necessary to bring it up to date. ALEX LAURIE VICTOR H . R I E S COLUMBUS, OHIO
February, 1950
PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION This book has been prepared primarily as a text for the teaching of a course deahng with ornamental plants. Although many books have been written about individual plants or groups of plants used in the gardens, very few contain precise information dealing with the many crops and phases of ornamental gardening. Many sucTn books, ivritten iox the layman, t a v e been compiled by enthusiastic gardeners, dipping into their own personal experiences for their information. As a consequence the practices frequently recommended are based on local conditions and usually on biased hearsay. ' The authors have attempted to put together in a brief but accurate form the basic information underlying the many empirical practices and at the same time to provide material that would serve the general coverage of a course intended either for students in horticulture who need it to round out their general course or else to aid those who wish to secure information in compact form for cultural purposes. The more recent practices and the theories underlying them are presented so as to keep the student and the gardener aware of the newer developments. Among these may be listed the soilless culture of plants, growth-promoting substances, modern methods of pest control, and the latest findings in soils and fertilizers. Largely because of lack of space and partially because the book is not intended as an appreciation course but one strictly informative in nature, little historical information is presented. Likewise, the review of literature has been omitted, and no specific references are given. However, selected references for more detailed information have been presented wherever possible. The nomenclature of woody plants is based on the Manual of Cultivated Trees and Shrubs, by Alfred Rehder 2d ed. . All other plant materials are from Hortus by L. H. Bailey 1935 ed. .
PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION , The authors wish gratefully to acknowledge the assistance of r. J. H. Gourley and Dr. Freeman Hewlett of the Department Horticulture, The Ohio State University, as well as of the 11 owing research assistants of the same department Dr. Conrad nk, Mr. D. C. Kiplinger, Mr. John Swartley, Mr. Orris Evers,

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