Experiments In Hydraulic Engineering

By Sarbjit Singh more
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Publisher PHI Learning All Mechanical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120345331
Author: Sarbjit Singh
Number of Pages 152
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The aim of this book is to enable the students to verify the principles studied in theory by conducting experiments. The book is designed for the undergraduate students of Civil Engineering.

This book contains 17 experiments selected from the prescribed syllabi of Hydraulic Engineering and Fluid Mechanics of several universities and institutes.

The first part of the book allows the students to review the fundamental theory before stepping into the laboratory environment. The second part provides the step-wise details of each experiment. Appendix A gives various questions based on each experiment to test the student’s understanding of the learned material. Appendix B gives data on physical properties of water, air and some commonly used fluids in the laboratory, and also lists the average values of Manning’s coefficient to be used in various experiments.


1. Hydraulic Engineering: An Introduction
EXPERIMENT 1 Determination of Manning’s Coefficient
EXPERIMENT 2 Velocity Distribution in Open Channel Flows
EXPERIMENT 3 Calibration of a Current Meter
EXPERIMENT 4 Flow through a Horizontal Contraction in a Channel
EXPERIMENT 5 Flow over a Vertical Contraction in a Channel
EXPERIMENT 6 Hydraulic Jump in a Rectangular Channel
EXPERIMENT 7 Calibration of a Venturiflume
EXPERIMENT 8 Calibration of a Standing Wave Flume
EXPERIMENT 9 Flow over a Broad-crested Weir
EXPERIMENT 10 Flow over a Spillway
EXPERIMENT 11 Free Overfall in a Rectangular Channel
EXPERIMENT 12 Determination of Viscosity by a Capillary Tube Viscometer
EXPERIMENT 13 Verification of Strokes’ Law
EXPERIMENT 14 Establishment of Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in a Duct
EXPERIMENT 15 Velocity Distribution for Turbulent Flow in a Pipe
EXPERIMENT 16 Boundary Layer Formation over a Flat Surface
EXPERIMENT 17 Flow around a Cylinder Placed in Wind Stream
Appendix A Questions
Appendix B Physical Properties of Water, Air and 
Some Common Fluids, and Average Values of 
Manning’s Coefficient, 

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