Electronics: Analog And Digital

Electronics: Analog And Digital Electronics: Analog And Digital Sample PDF Download
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Electronics: Analog And Digital

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120348028
Number of Pages: 808
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Electronics
Book Summary:

The second edition of this book has been updated and enlarged, especially the chapters on digital electronics. In the analog part, several additions have been made wherever necessary. Also, optical devices and circuits have been introduced. Analog electronics spans semiconductors, diodes, transistors, small and large-signal amplifiers, OPAMPs and their applications. Both BJT and JFET, and MOSFET are treated parallely so as to highlight their similarities and dissimilarities for thorough under-standing of their parameters and specifications. The digital electronics covers logic gates, combinational circuits, IC families, number systems codes, adders/subtractors, flip-flops, registers and counters. Sequential circuits, memories and D/A and A/D convertor circuits are especially stressed. Fabrication technology of integrated devices and circuits have also been dealt with. Besides, many new examples and problems have been added section-wise.

The text is written in simple yet rigorous manner with profusion of illustrative examples as an aid to clear understanding. The student can self-study several portions of the book with minimal guidance.

A solution manual is available for the teachers.

Table of Contents:


Preface to the First Edition

1. Semiconductors, Diodes and Diode Circuits

2. Transistors and Integrated Circuits

3. Small-Signal Models, Amplification and Biasing

4. Small-Signal Amplifiers Frequency Response

5. Large-Signal Amplifiers

6. Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators

7. Operational Amplifiers

8. Digital Logic and Circuits

9. Number Systems, Boolean Algebra and Combinational Circuits

10. Sequential Circuits and Systems

11. Multivibrators Clocks and Power Supply Regulators

12. The Digital Computer

13. Cathode-Ray Tube


Answers to Problems