Electronic Circuits For Computer Engineers

By U. B. Mahadevaswamy And V. Nattarasu more
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Product Specifications

Publisher Sanguine Publications
ISBN 9788188849529
Author: U. B. Mahadevaswamy And V. Nattarasu
Number of Pages 573
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

PREFACE This book is the offshoot of our rich experience of teaching a number of subjects in the area of Electronics for two decades. In this book, the various concepts of the subject are arranged logically and explained in a simple reader friendly language for proper understanding of the subject. A large number of problems with their step by step solution are provided for every concept. Illustrative examples are discussed to emphasize on conceptual clarity and typical applications are highlighted to strengthen them. This book takes you from simple diode circuits through the analysis and design of a variety of transistor ampli ers. Analyses of various feedback ampli ers, principle of working and applications of MOSFETs, IC Timers, PLLs and Function generation ICs have also been covered. This book concludes with Regulated power supplies wherein different types of voltage regulators and their analysis have been presented elaborately. This book provides a simpli ed and systematic approach to dif cult theoretical concepts in Electronic Circuits. It can serve as an excellent reference material for design engineers. Those of you who enjoyed reading our previous book titled Electronic Circuits would certainly enjoy this book too. Despite the delight taken by many reviewers in nding mistakes, a few typo errors have managed to slip through the sieve. This suggests that more await discovery by you. We suppose that is what second editions are for. U. B. Mahadevaswamy V. Nattarasu
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Our sincere pranamas at the lotus feet of his Holiness Parama Poojya Jagadguru Shree Shree Shree Shivaratri Deshikendra Mahaswamigalavaru, President, J.S.S Mahavidyapeeta, Mysore, whose divine blessings inspired us to take up and successfully complete this project. We are grateful to Prof. M. H. Dhananjaya, Director Technical , JSS Mahavidyapeeta who is a constant source of inspiration for us. We gratefully acknowledge all the encouragement from Dr. B. G. Sangameshwara, Principal, SJCE, Mysore in providing all the facilities and resources in drafting this book. We sincerely thank our beloved HOD Dr. R. D. Sudhaker Samuel who encouraged us to take up this project. His support and invaluable suggestions at each and every stage of drafting this book are unforgettable. We hope without his support and encouragement, this book would hardly be in its present form. Our sincere thanks are due to Dr. D. Ganesh Rao who encouraged us to pen this book. We whole heartedly thank Mr. R. Subramanian of Sanguine Technical Publishers, who has meticulously reviewed this book and gave invaluable inputs to bring this book to its present form. Nattarasu wishes to thank his wife Malarkodi. N for her modesty and extreme patience shown during the preparation of the draft. He greatly acknowledges the support rendered by his two Engineer daughters, Archana. N and Abirami. N and his son-in-law Mukesh Sagar. N U. B. Mahadevaswamy gratefully acknowledges the support rendered during this project, by his teacher and well wisher Mr. C. Chamaraju, Assistant Professor, Mathematics department, SJCE, Mysore. His sincere thanks are due to Ms. Sheethal M. J and Ms. Swetha M.J, software Engineers, for their timely technical inputs, support and encouragement throughout this project. He appreciates the relentless efforts of his nephew Mr. Shashidharamurthy .G, software Engineer and his niece Ms. Indumathi, for nding mistakes and typo errors through several readings. He also appreciates the help rendered by Ms. K.S.Sindhu, who patiently checked the solutions of all numerical examples. He greatly acknowledges all the encouragement and support from his wife K. S. Umadevi in making this project a success. The timely support of his brother B. Chandra Shekara Murthy, Quality Control Engineer, Muscat and his mother K. P. Leelavthi and all his family members needs a very special mention. We must thank our colleagues in the department of Electronics and Communication, SJCE, Mysore for all their suggestions towards improving the material presented.

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