Electricity And Magnetism

Electricity And Magnetism

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Publisher PHI Learning All Engineering Physics books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120339651
Number of Pages 200
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About The Book Electricity And Magnetism

Book Summary:

Designed primarily as a textbook for the undergraduate students of Physics, this well-organized text covers all the major topics on Electricity and Magnetism and tries to provide a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the subject.

The book begins with a discussion on vector calculus and explains the concepts of divergence and curl as they are applied to electricity and magnetism. Then it goes on to describe Coulombs law of electrostatic forces, Gauss theorem for electrostatics, and methods of images. The text also explains the electrical properties of matter, magnetic field, Maxwells equations and their relevance to the electromagnetic character of light, and magnetic properties of matter. Finally, it shows the role of relativity in electricity and magnetism so that students can appreciate the relevance of relativity in understanding electromagnetic phenomena.

Key Features :

Calculations have been worked out to the last step.

Provides many solved and a large number of unsolved problems to demonstrate how theory is applied in practice.

Table of Contents:
Chronology of Electromagnetism
1. Vector Calculus
2. Electrostatics I
3. Electrostatics II
4. Dielectrics
5. Magnetic Field
6. Electromagnetic Induction
7. Maxwells Equations, Electromagnetic Waves, and Light
8. Magnetic Properties of Matter
9. Relativity and Electromagnetism
A: Vector Identities
B: Note on Solid Angle
C: Legendre Polynomials
D: Theory and Working of a Moving Coil Ballistic Galvanometer
E: Induction of Currents in Continuous Media: Skin Effect
F: The Betatron