Dynamics of Achieving Goals

Dynamics of Achieving Goals Dynamics of Achieving Goals Sample PDF Download
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Dynamics of Achieving Goals

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan

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PREFACE Today, in the age of competition, the talk of personality development is almost seen everywhere for achieving success. In this context, I have a relevant question have you decided your aim that you have to achieve in your life With a positive thinking you must, first, set an objective of your life, as the personality is formed in accordance with the pre-decided aim of life to be attained . If you are progressing without an aim, all your efforts would go in vain, for success without goal has no positive meaning. In reality, where there is a purpose of life, it is there that efforts have a true value, meaning and there exists the need of an impressive personality for achievements. In other words, attaining the objective set for life through goals is success, for which you make efforts. In fact, objective is the destination where you have to reach through successive realization of worthy goals of tasks set out one after another. Veteran lawyer, Pt. Motilal Nehru, had sent his son, Jawaharlal Nehru, to London for study at the age of twelve with the intent that he would become successor in his legal profession. He returned to India with a barrister degree, but he had no interest in pursuing the profession. Contrary to his father's wish, he decided to immerse himself in the nation's cause. To become a popular leader, he needed an idealistic personality, which he developed in the fold of Mahatma Gandhi. After independence, it resulted in Jawaharlal being the first Prime Minister of India till his dealth. This was the goal of his task and objective of his life that he had set in. Evidently, in order to make a significant life, we have to set an objective with a positive thinking, which makes our direction. We have to proceed in that direction and tread on the road to success. In this direction we have to build a goal of individual task according to our interest and then strive to achieve it, and this process will continue till we attain our objective. This is what we call the success of life the fulfilment of a purposeful life.
vi Here I would like to make it clear that the two words, aim and goal , are not synonymous but complementary to each other. Almost everyone has an aim of life, i.e., to make a successful career. To achieve this end, we have to set a goal of each task and then to accomplish it successfully. When first goal is achieved, the second goal appears and on its realization the third goal comes before us, and this process goes on. Hence, it is necessary that we treat each success as our journey till we achieve our aim . Edwin C. Bliss has said Success doesn't mean the absence of failures It means the attainment of ultimate objective. It means wining the war, not every battle. What is inside this book This book has been written to serve as a manual, describing the tools one will need to achieve success, step by step. It