Digital Power System Protection

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About The Book Digital Power System Protection
Book Summary:

Digital power system protection, as a subject, offers the use of computers in power line relaying which is the act of automatically controlling the power system via instrumentation and control devices. This book is an attempt to make a gentle introduction to the nitty-gritty of digital relays. Written in a simple, clear and student-friendly style, this text covers basics of digital processing of analog signals for the purpose of relaying. All important basic algorithms that are used in various types of digital relays have been explained. FIR and IIR filters have been presented in such a manner that students will be able to develop intuitive understanding. The book also covers DFT and FFT and synchrophasor technology in details. MATLAB programs and Excel simulations have been given to reinforce the comprehension of the algorithms.

This book has been thoroughly class-room tested and based on course notes which is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of electrical engineering.

Key Features

In-depth coverage of DSP fundamentals
Pedagogical tools like figures, flowcharts, block diagrams and tables have been extensively used
Review questions are given at the end of each chapter
Extensive references to literature on power system protection

Table of Contents:


1. Evolution of Power System Protection and the Emerge of Digital Relaying

2. Digital Signal Processing Basics and Architecture of Numerical Relay

3. Algorithms Based on Undistorted Single Frequency Sine Wave

4. Algorithms Based on Solution of Differential Equation

5. Algorithms Based on Least Squared Error (LSQ)

6. Discrete Fourier Transform

7. FFT and Goertzel Algorithm

8. Windowing and Spectral Leakage

9. Introduction to Digital Filtering

10. Digital Filter Design

11. Synchrophasors

12. Removal of DC Offset

Appendix References