Crop Diseases And Their Management

Crop Diseases And Their Management

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Publisher PHI Learning All Plant Pathology books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120326743
Author: H S Chaube And V S Pundhir
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Number of Pages 724
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About The Book Crop Diseases And Their Management

Book Summary:


This comprehensive and uptodate text is designed to provide information to the readers on all important aspects of plant pathology in a single volume. The information on modern areas like Disease diagnosis, Disease forecasting, Biological control, Epidemiology and Biotechnology in disease resistance and safe use of pesticides have been covered, giving most recent concepts. The text is illustrated with flow diagrams, line diagrams, photographs and tables for quick and easy understanding of the subject.

Key Features

Comprehensive description of various groups of plant pathogens
Descriptive and illustrated treatment of aspects/issues pertaining to principles of plant pathology and principles of plant disease management
In-depth description of diagnosis of plant diseases
Discussion on etiology and management of important plant diseases.

This book is recommended in Central Agricultural University, Manipur.

Intended primarily as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of biology and agriculture, this book would also be useful for researchers, practitioners, and agribusiness consultants.


Table of Contents:


1. Plant Diseases.
2. Landmarks in Development of Plant Pathology.
3. Diagnosis of Plant Disease.
4. Disease Development.
5. Mechanism of Host Defence.
6. Genetics of Host Pathogen Interaction.
7. Disease Development in Populations.
8. Disease Measurement and Forecasting.
9. Principles of Plant Disease Management.
10. Physical Methods.
11. Regulatory Methods.
12. Cultural Practices.
13. Biological Control.
14. Management Through Host Genes.
15. Chemical Control.
16. Integrated Plant Disease Management.
17. Kingdom: Fungi.
18. Kingdom: Protozoa and Plant Diseases.
19. Kingdom: Chromista (Oomycota), and Plant Diseases.
20. Phylum: Chytridiomycota and Plant Diseases.
21. Phylum: Ascomycota and Plant Diseases.
22. Vascular Wilts.
23. Phylum: Basidiomycota and Plant Diseases.
24. Bacteria and Plant Diseases.
25. Viruses and Plant Diseases.
26. Mollicutes and Plant Diseases.
27. Nematodes and Plant Diseases.
28. Phanerogamic Plant Parasites.
29. Post-Harvest Diseases.
30. Plant Diseases of Unsettled Etiology.
31. Non-Infectious Disorders.