Contemporary English Grammar Structures and Composition

By David Green more
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Publisher Laxmi Publications All Grammer, Spoken and Word Power books by Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9789351381273
Author: David Green
Number of Pages 402
Available in all digital devices
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Contemporary English Grammar Structures and Composition by David Green
Book Summary:

The topics are thoroughly described in simple language making it easier for students to grasp the subject. The various theories of significance are illustrated in detail through examples. The general statements of important principles and their methodologies are without exception provided through their practical example.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for IGrammer, Spoken and Word Power.
Table of Contents:

Part I. Grammar and Usage

1. The Sentence
2. Parts of Speech
3. Nouns-I
4. Nouns-II
5. Adjectives
6. Comparison of Adjectives
7. Articles
8. Pronouns
9. Demonstrative, Indefi nite, Interrogative, Distributive and Reciprocal Pronouns
10. Relative Pronouns
11. Verbs
12. Verbs -Mood and Tense
13. Concord or Agreement of the Verb with the Subject
14. Non-Finite Verbs
15. Strong and Weak Verbs
16. The Auxiliaries
17. Modal Auxiliaries
18. Anomalous Finites
19. Adverbs
20. Prepositions
21. Conjunctions
22. Interjections

Part II. Sentence Structure

23. Simple, Compound, Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences
24. Analysis of Simple Sentences
25. Clauses
26. Analysis of Complex Sentences
27. Analysis of Compound Sentences and Compound-Complex Sentences
28. Synthesis of Sentences
29. Transformation of Sentences-I
30. Transformation of Sentences-II
31. Sequence of Tenses and Direct and Indirect Speech
32. Punctuation and Capitals

Part III. Structures, Literary and Conversational

33. Verb Patterns and Structures-I
34. Verb Patterns and Structures-II
35. Verb Patterns and Structures-III
36. Verb Patterns and Structures (Mainly Conversational)

Part IV. Vocabulary and Composition

37. Word-Formation-The Use of Prefi xes
38. Word-Formation-The Use of Suffi xes
39. Word-Formation-Compound Words
40. Synonyms and Antonyms
41. One-Word Substitutes for Phrases and Clauses
42. Words Often Confused
43. Words with Appropriate Prepositions
44. Paragraph-Writing
45. Letter-Writing
46. Pr�©cis-Writing
47. Expansion of Passages
48. Essay-Writing
49. Paraphrasing
50. Writing Stories from Outlines

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