Consumer Behaviour By Poonam Yadav

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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789383137299

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Preface It is point of pleasure in presenting the first edition of the book consumer behaviour. This edition has been thoroughly revised as the syllabus of CCS University Meerut. Consumer behaviour is vast and complex subject, understanding consumer is not simple. The efforts of all marketers are to influence the behaviour of consumers in a desired manner. The book has been made comprehensive, relevant and useful for the students of BBA about consumer behaviour and its uses for marketers and sales managers. This book attempts to answer the questions, Why do people behave the way they show as consumers for all goods and services. This book elaborate about the attitude formation, learning process, personality, etc. of consumers. We discuss the topic decision making and its influences indepth, to make readers friendly and make them easy to remember. The author is grateful to his publisher and printer for their co-operation in bringing out the book in short time. There may be some errors in the book as its first edition readers are welcome for their valuable suggestions to make book more useful timely and easy.
SYLLABUS COMSUMER BEHAVIOUR UNIT I Introduction to consumer Behavior CB - Importance, Scope, need for studying CB, Consumer research process.
UNIT II Consumer models Economic model, Psychoanalytic model, Sociological model, Howard Seth model, Nicosia model, Engel-kollat-Blackwell model.
UNIT III Individual determinates Perceptual process, consumer learning process, consumer attitude formation, attitude measurement, meaning and nature of personality, self concept.
UNIT IV Influences Consumer Decision making Family, reference group, personal, social and cultural influence on CB, Consumer Decision making process, Consumer Communication process, consumer satisfaction.
UNIT V Industrial Buying Behaviour Participants, characteristics of industrial markets, factors influencing industrial markets, stages of industrial buying process, Customer and marketing of services.
Table of Contents Preface
UNIT I CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 1.1 Customers and Consumers 1.2 Consumer Behaviour