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English Language For Hotel Management, BBA, NIFT And Other Various Competitive Exam

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Publisher Cosmos Bookhive
Author: Chopra
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D preface to a book on precis-writing. 2. Most books on precis-writing contain i a number of unsolved exercises ii a number of theoretical suggestions iii a list of useful books on precis-writing iv a vague explanation of what a precis is expected to be A i iii B i , iii iv C i , ii iv D all the four. 3. The phrase put to the test means A study in detail B apply to test the exercises and verify their utility C challenge, expose and reject D modify 4. Most of the books on precis-writing are inadequate because. A they do not offer the learner any specific and systematic guidelines B contain more solved examples than unsolved passages. C are too difficult for the students to understand 5. The book aims at A adding to the confusion. B offering systematic guidelines and develop his confidence C offering a book on precis-writing at an affordable price Answers 1. D , 2. C , 3. B , 4. A , 5. B . Analysis A cursory reading of the passage reveals that the author speaks of precis writing and a systematic approach to it. He feels that the available material in
4 English Language the market is theoretical and pompous the solved examples offer ready-made solutions without any kind of systematic step-by-step approach. He intends to offer a set of graded exercises solved step-by-step to serve as models. 1. From this it is evident that the passage is apart of preface to a book on precis -writing, hence the criticism of currently available books and promise of something new and different. 2. Most books on precis writing are inadequate. Hence the options have to be negative or critical. Hence iii , can be left out. 3. Apply the method of puzzling out the meaning of the phrase. You will find that B is the only suitable option.