Computer Programming In C

Computer Programming In C

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Publisher PHI Learning All Information Technology books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120308596
Author: V. Rajaraman
Number of Pages 374
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Computer Programming In C by V. Rajaraman
Book Summary:

This book introduces computer programming to a beginner using the programming language C. The version of C used is the one standardised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI C). C has rapidly gained users due to its efficiency, rich data structure, variety of operators and affinity to UNIX operating system. C is a difficult language to learn if it is not methodically approached. Our attempt has been to introduce the basic aspects of C to enable the student to quickly start writing C programs and postpone more difficult features of C to later chapters. The methodology of presentation closely follows the one used by the author in his popular book on PASCAL programming. Those who know PASCAL will find it very easy to learn C using this book.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Computer Science / IT Engineering students.
Table of Contents:

1. Computer Algorithms.

2. Flow Charts.

3. Programming Preliminaries.

4. Simple Computer Programs.

5. Numeric Constants and Variables.

6. Arithmetic Expressions.

7. Input and Output in C Programs.

8. Conditional Statements.

9. Implementing Loops in Programs.

10. Defining and Manipulating Arrays.

11. Logical Expressions and More Control Statements.

12. C Program Examples.

13. Functions.

14. Processing Character Strings.

15. Enumerated Data Types and Stacks.

16. Structures. Pointer Data Type and Applications.

17. Lists and Trees. Recursion. 18. Bit Level Operations and Applications.

19. Files in C.

20. Miscellaneous Features in C.

21. Appendices.

22. Compiling and Running C Programs in Unix.

23. Reserved Words in C.

24. Mathematical Functions.

25. String Functions.

26. Character Class Tests.

27. File Manipulation Functions.

28. Utility Functions.

29. Summary of C Language.