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Case Studies in Management

By Akhilesh Chandra Pandey more
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Publisher IK International
ISBN 9789384588045
Author: Akhilesh Chandra Pandey
Available in all digital devices
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Case Studies in Management by Akhilesh Chandra Pandey
Book Summary:

This book presents practical understanding of the management problems. Broadly it is meant for the students who have basic training in management or commerce and also for those with little or no formal management background like MCA and Engineering. For management professionals, essential principles and concepts of management that are particularly relevant for understanding the problems of management are highlighted through issues for discussion.

Audience of the Book :
The book is of special value for undergraduate and postgraduate courses like BBA, MBA, MHRD, MIB as well as for B.Tech and MCA. The case material is sufficiently broad in scope and rigorous in coverage to satisfy any undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of management.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.Provides 76 cases that are sufficiently broad in scope and rigorous in coverage, in all the functional areas of management.

2.Covers almost all the corporate sectors, with cases from as diverse as entrepreneurship, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, services, automobile, television and so on.

3.Gives an essential background on Decision Making and Guidelines for Case Analysis as a prelude to the cases.

Table of Contents:

1. Decision Making
2. Guidelines for Case Analysis

Case Studies :

1. H.R. Dilemma
2. Avinash Appliances
3. Green Industrial Products Ltd.
4. Role Confl ict
5. Sri Krishna Paper Mill
6. Communication
7. Retrenchment
8. Fake Currency
9. Smartphone Vs. MP3 Player
10. LCD TV
11. Ice cream War
12. Telecom Services
13. LPG Companies
14. ACT-II
15. Tata Tea
16. Nokia-Collective Emotion
17. SEL
18. Seagull Thermowares
19. Coral Engineers
20. Jhelum Metals and Engineering Corporation
21. Crystal Milk Products Private Limited
22. Telerama Company
23. Starbucks
24. Bajaj Pulsar: Origin of the ‘MALE’ Species in Indian Bike Industry
25. Poona Coffee House
26. Diesel Marketing Mix
27. Innovation at Procter and Gamble
28. Marketing Research in Product Development: KELLOGG’S
29. Maruti 800
30. Nirma: Brand Values
31. Samsung: How they Did It?
32. Shell Inc.
33. The Tata Titans
34. General Motors
35. Nestle India Ltd.
36. Serial Entrepreneur
37. David Bruce: An Entrepreneur
38. Philip Green
39. Synergy
40. ASDA
41. General Electric
42. Overseas Packaging Ltd.
43. Air France, British Airways and the Concorde Disaster
44. Jollibee
45. Southgate Mall
46. Ford Motors
47. Maturing Metros
48. Retail Sourcing Hub
49. Pantaloon: ERP in Retail
50. Dell Computer Corporation
51. Promotion
52. Lifebuoy
53. Pepsodent Vs. Colgate
54. Sensodyne
55. Consumer Perception
56. Celebrity Vs. Utility
57. Parle-G
58. Deodorant Market in India
59. First Flight Couriers
60. DTDC
61. IndiGo Airlines
62. The Water War
63. AirAsia India
64. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
65. Amul
66. Ajanta Biscuits Ltd.
67. Frito Lays
68. Energy Drinks
69. Micromax Ad-Campaign
70. GSK Consumer Healthcare
71. Toyota’s Crisis Communications Troubles Auto
72. eBay Inc.
73. Horlicks
74. Tetra Pak Inc.
75. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
76. McDonald’s Restaurants Built on Motivation References.


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