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भौतिक विज्ञान लैब मैन्युअल कक्षा ११

भौतिक विज्ञान लैब मैन्युअल कक्षा ११

By Dr.J.P Goel,Er.Meera Goyal
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CBSE Class 12 Solved Questions
CBSE Class 12 Solved Questions
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This app has solutions to all questions in the NCERT and NCERT Exemplar books. Moreover, it also has reference books and guides for various competitive exams, along with videos, tests etc. which you can buy as your requirements.( and all of these can be downloaded as well!) It really saves a lot if time, and being a grade 12 CBSE student, I've found it to be really helpful and effective. As per my opinion, it's one of the best apps out there for the education purpose.
Nilasha Majumdar ★★★★★
Nice app Beautiful graphic
Kartikay Kumar ★★★★★
This is an honest response. This app is really amazing. I think every student should download this once. You can find all the textbooks along with other practice material. I love this app.
Manmeet Kaur ★★★★★
This app contains very good quality books this helps me a lot in my study
Babita Attri ★★★★
Great apps for class 12
Stanzin Chokdup ★★★★
Experience with a explain it is expensive To good understand
sourabh KUMAR ★★★★
Best ebooks available in this app
Darshan Barhate ★★★★★
It is good but not too good because it have very high value books😢
Rishabh ★★★★
Very nice app for class scholars bestest
Hybrid Ja8 ★★★★★
All the ebooks help me in the time when i can't go to shop to buy them from shopkeeper because of Lockdown
JiNDu ★★★★