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भौतिक विज्ञान लैब मैन्युअल कक्षा ११

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Publisher Sbpd Publications
ISBN 9789351679608
Author: Dr.J.P Goel, Er.Meera Goyal
Number of Pages 123
Available Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

ifjp Introduction
1 4
k.M v Section A 1.
yEckbZ dk ekiu
5 11
Measures of Length
iz ksx 1 ofuZ j oSGyhilZ dh lgk rk ls ,d NksVs xksy csyukdkj oLrq dk O kl ekiukA
7 8
To measure the diameter of a small spherical cylindrical body by using a vernier callipers
iz ksx 2 ofuZ j oSGyhilZ dh lgk rk ls Kkr nzO eku okyh fdlh vk rkdkj oLrq dh foek,sa Kkr djuk rFkk mldk kuRo Kkr djukA
8 9
To measure the dimensions of a given regular body of known mass, using vernier callipers and hence find its density
iz ksx 3 ofuZ j oSGyhilZ dh lgk rk ls fdlh fn s csyukdkj crZu dSyksjh ehVj chdj dk vkUrfjd O kl ,oa bldh xgjkbZ Kkr djuk rFkk mldk vkUrfjd vk ru capacity Kkr djukA
9 11
To measure the internal diameter and depth of a given cylindrical vessel say calorimeter beaker by using vernier callipers and hence find its internal volume i.e., capacity q 'u Viva-voce ekSf kd iz 2.
isapekih lw eekih
11 12 18
Screw Gauge Micrometer
iz ksx 4 isapekih dh lgk rk ls fn s x, rkj dk O kl Kkr djuk rFkk mldk vk ru Kkr djukA
14 15

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