BioChemistry By Poonam Bachheti and Aruna Singh

BioChemistry By Poonam Bachheti and Aruna Singh BioChemistry By Poonam Bachheti and Aruna Singh Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789383137749

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his textbook, Biochemistry is aimed at chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate students and first year biochemistry graduate students. It incorporates the lectures given to students with a strong chemistry background. An emphasis is placed on metabolism and reaction mechanisms and how they are studied. As the title of the book implies, the text lays the basis for an understanding of the fundamentals of biochemistry. Undergraduate biochemistry courses cover what proteins do, as enzymes, receptors, hormones, motors or structural components. The much more interesting question is to how proteins achieve all these functions Presented here is an overview of the methods used in such projects, their possible applications, and their limitations. The technical help rendered by Dr. Pallavi Srivastava in giving final shape to the, manuscript is duly acknowledged. We have done our best to make it a complete book and hope the students will get a good exposure to clinical biochemistry basic theory and practical. We also want to thank the many students and professional colleagues who have offered their advice and constructive criticism throughout the development of this Book of Biochemistry
SYLLABUS BIOCHEMISTRY 1. INTRODUCTION TO BIOCHEMSTRY Definition , Introduction, Various types of laboratories, standardized clinical laboratory set up. 2. ETHICS IN LABORATORY Principles of ethics, Responsibilities of Laboratory workers , Role of medical Lab. Technologist. 3. SAFETY MEASURES Safety rules, fire extinguisher, storage of chemicals, Universal safety Precautions 4. WASTE DISPOSAL House hold waste, Chemical waste , specimen waste, sharp waste. 5. FIRST AID First aid measures First aid kit
6. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Introduction Quality control, Quality leadership, Quality improvement Quality assurance, Accuracy, Precisie, Sensitive Specific. 7. BASIC STATISTICS Use of standard deviation in the laboratory. Preparation of Quality control chart. Levy Jenning chart

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