Textbook of Animal Biotechnology

Textbook of Animal Biotechnology

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Publisher TERI Press All Life Sciences books by TERI Press
ISBN 9788179933275
Author: B Singh
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 715
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Animal biotechnology is an integral component of agriculture. Applicable in science and engineering, it is used for modifying living organisms. Textbook of Animal Biotechnology discusses topics including economically important livestock breeds, paradigm shifts in livestock production, biotechnology in animal nutrition and in livestock-assisted reproduction. Genomics and genetic engineering tools in livestock production and management are also discussed at length.

Divided into 41 chapters, the book is supported with over 50 figures and more than 30 tables. A must have for undergraduates and postgraduates of various agriculture and animal husbandry academia, teachers, professionals, it will also prove helpful for researchers dealing with basic as well as applied animal sciences including biotechnology, nutrition, physiology, and reproduction

Table Of Contents 

1. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory
2. Basics of Cell Culture Technology
3. Applications of Cell Culture Technology
4. Synthetic Biology
5. Recombinant DNA Technology
6. Model Organisms in Biotechnology and Biomedical Science
7. Developments in Molecular Markers in Livestock
8. Exploring Various Bioresources for Industrial Application
9. Advent of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: An Overview
10. Aquatic Bioresources: Prospects for Health and Livelihood
11. Biotechnology in Fish Nutrition, Reproduction, and Diversity Conservation
12. Marine Biotechnology
13. Stem Cells Biology in Fish Production
14. Transgenesis in Aquaculture
15. What are Ungulates?
16. Microbes in Animal Health and Industrial Development
17. Rumen Microbiome: An Overview of Important Microbes
18. Molecular Biology: Revisiting The Rumen Microbiome
19. Microbial Metagenomics: Exploring and Utilizing Gut Microbiome
20. Nutrigenomics, Metabolomics, and Metabonomics in Animal Production
21. Value Addition of Feedstuff: Role of Feed Biotechnology
22. Crop Biotechnology in Sustainable Food and Feed Production
23. Alternative Feeds and their Utilization for Sustainable Production
24. Biotechnological Utilization of Female Reproductive Potential
25. Cryopreservation
26. Gender Selection in Livestock: Prospects for Desirable and Healthier Herd
27. Animal Transgenesis
28. Stem Cells in Livestock
29. Microfluidics in Veterinary and Animal Sciences
30. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
31. Frontiers in Dairy Biotechnology
32. Nanotechnology in Food Sector
33. Cellular Reprogramming and Induced Pluripotency: Veterinary and Animal Science Perspectives
34. Livestock in Post-Genomic Era of Biology and Medicine
35. Nanotechnology in Veterinary Health and Animal Production
36. Global Climatic Change: Need to Utilize Biotechnology to Manage Native Livestock Diversity for Sustainable Production
37. Animal Biotechnology: Scope, Global Perspective, and New Horizons
38. Biotechnology in Veterinary Health
39. Economically Important Livestock: Scope for Biotechnological Interventions
40. Functional Genomics for Sustainable Livestock Production
41. Models used in Genomics and their relevance