Basics of Internet and Web By Dr. Surender Jangra

Basics of Internet and Web By Dr. Surender Jangra Basics of Internet and Web By Dr. Surender Jangra Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789383137732

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PREFACE It gives us great pleasure in bringing out the first edition of the book Basics of Internet and Web . This book has been written totally in accordance with the syllabus provided by the different universities. Each chapter has been embedded with the screen shots for you to know what to expect on the screen, while running the application. Each chapter contains examples which can be attempted to supplement the reading. At the end of the chapter, there is a thorough exercise. I am thankful to Vayu Education publication for giving me an opportunity to write this book. They have provided the complete assistance in bringing out the book in the present form. Without their help it would not have been possible to complete the book and present it in the shape and form. I would like to thank my teachers, friends, and my family members for their support. Without their help I would not have been able to complete this book in time. Author
CONTENTS Preface CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK 1.1 Introduction to Network 1.1.1 Types of Networks 1.1.2 Other Types of Area Networks 1.1.3 Network Topologies 1.1.4 Benefit of Networks 1.2 Intranet 1.2.1 Benefits of Intranet 1.3 Extranet 1.3.1 Advantages of Extranet 1.4 What is Internet 1.5 History of the Internet 1.6 Internet Congestion 1.7 internet Culture 1.8 Business Culture 1.9 Collaborative Computing 1.10 Modes of connecting to internet 1.10.1 Dial-up Access Hardware Requirement Software Requirement Advantages Disadvantage 1.10.2 Direct or Dedicated Connections Hardware Requirements Software Requirements 1.11 Internet Service Providers ISP 1.11.1 Selection of an ISP 1.11.2 Establishing an Internet Account 1.12 Domain Name Service DNS 1.13 Internet Addresses 1.13.1 Addressing schesme 1.13.2 Ipv6 1.14 Modems 1.15 Communications Software s