Agricultural Marketing Strategies In India

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Agriculture in India has faced lot of problems and constraints because of the liberalized polices of the government of India. Many more MNC's like Monsanto, PepsiCo, and others entered into the agricultural marketing, which would tend to lead a wrong and unsuited pricing strategy to the agricultural sector. To export our farm produ cts our com m odities m ust essentially possess organic certificate so as to qualify standard and grading. The word Agmark Generally infers best quality is only in the paper level . The Committee on Agricultural Costs and Prices CACP strongly recommended fair and attractive pricing policy and also to avoid the exploitation of interm ediaries. There is a d ire ct. and straight relationship betw een farmer and ultimate consum er is to be maintained to make agriculture as an agri-business oriented sector. Governm ent followed MSP, Dual pricing, and other supporting policies. Since the regulated markets have done well at this juncture.
H ence it also explores further better possible avenues of increasing the quality and standards like, fine variety, superfine variety, comm on variety, and motta variety prices. J. Mohan Raj
Acknowledgements Preface 1. Structure of Agricultural Commodity M arkets
vii ix 1
2. M ethods of Reducing M arketing Costs and Margins
3. Rural M arkets and Its Different Structures
4. M arketing Policy of Some Important Crops