Dictionary of Agribusiness Management

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Agriculture, when raised to the status of a business, warrants application of management function and principles as applicable to business. When agriculture is perceived to attain global concerns like food security, livelihood security and sustainable development, it becomes imperative to understand the conceptual issues associated to agribusiness management principles. Agribusiness which links farm production, input supply, agro processing and distribution network emerges as a viable option to resolve the problems of unemployment in rural sector. Thus, the prospects of agribusiness rely more on off-farm sector of agriculture which include farm input supply and agricultural processing and distribution industries. Management is a universal activity in modern world. It is an essential part of any group effort. A modern business organization has to face many challenges such as changing technology, competition in the market, uncertain capital market, changes in the requirements of customers, changes in government policies and international environment, etc. In order to cope with these challenges, efficient management of business is very important. The application of management concepts in agriculture and associated business has become more pronounced now. As the production of goods and services is consumer oriented now, similarly the education should also be according to the needs and demand of the service providers i.e. agri-business industrialists, input supply industrialists, MNC s, service sectors, etc. In the changing era of liberalization, privatization and globalization, it has been seriously realized that innovation in agricultural marketing and trade will change the face of Indian Agriculture and this will be treated as a new revolution. In this direction efforts have already been made by the government, private sector, NGOs, SHGs, MNCs, etc. for value addition and enhancing agricultural trade. The management of surplus production of some commodities, import substitution of some other commodities and export option for
Dictionary of Agribusiness Management
a variety of agri-products make it necessary to resort to agri business on a large scale. The promotion of agro-processing has the distinct advantage of generating additional rural employment, earning foreign exchange and also meeting the consumer preference for value added products by an increasing segment of the population. Agro-based industries broadly include three categories of industries i Food processing industries ii Non-food processing industries iii Agri-input industries. Agro-processing industries are enterprises that process agricultural raw materials and generally