Advances in High Temperature Superconductors

Advances in High Temperature Superconductors

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Publisher Vinra Publication All Engineering Physics books by Vinra Publication
Author: Vinra Publication
Number of Pages 267
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Advances in High Temperature Superconductors - Page 1 Advances in High Temperature Superconductors - Page 2 Advances in High Temperature Superconductors - Page 3 Advances in High Temperature Superconductors - Page 4 Advances in High Temperature Superconductors - Page 5

Advances in High-Temperature Superconductors by Vinra Publication

Book Summary:
Encyclopedia of High-Temperature Superconducting Materials Science and Engineering New Concepts and Technology covers all the important concepts of metallurgy high-temperature superconductors. High-temperature superconductors are materials that behave as superconductors at unusually high temperatures. Metallic superconductors usually have transition temperatures below 30K, HTS have been observed with transition temperatures as high as 138K. Only certain compounds of copper and oxygen were believed to have HTS properties, and the term high- emperature superconductor was used interchangeably with cuprate superconductor for compounds such as bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide and yttrium barium copper oxide.
Audience Of this Book:
This book is Useful for Engineering Physics Students.
Table of Content:

Chapter 1 Theory of Electron Density of States of High Temperature
Impurity Induced Anharmonic Superconductors

Chapter 2 Room Temperature Superconductivity

Chapter 3 Low-Temperature X-Ray Imaging of Magnetic Flux Patterns
in High-Temperature Superconductors

Chapter 4 Nonlinear Response of the Static and
Dynamic Phases of the Vortex Matter

Chapter 5 Energy Dissipation Minimizationin Superconducting Circuits.

Chapter 6 Gapless Superconductivity

Chapter 7 Whole Body Screening Using High-Temperature
Superconducting Mr. Volume Resonators:
Mice Studies

Chapter 8 Development of Josephson Voltage Standards.

Chapter 9 High-Temperature Superconducting Composite Wires

Chapter 10 Photonic Band Structure and Transmittance of
the Superconductor Photonic Crystal