Academic Map Work in Social Science Class 6th

Academic Map Work in Social Science Class 6th Academic Map Work in Social Science Class 6th Sample PDF Download
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ISBN: 9788190856027

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  • Description
Academic Map Work in Social Science Class 6th by J. P. Singal, Shilpi Jain
Book Summary:

This book Map Practice for Classes 6 is based on the latest syllabus of the NCERT and the CBSE guidelines for CCE. The books supplement the main coursebooks and will reinforce the geographical and historical.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class-6 students.
Table of Contents:


1.   Indian Sub-Continent-Physical
2.   Important Archaeological Sites
3.   Earliest Cities in the Indian Sub-Continent
4.   The Mahajanapadas, Janapadas and Ancient Cities
5.   The Mauryan Empire
6.   Important Trade Routes-Silk and Ocean/Sea Routes


1.   The Earth in the Solar System-1
2.   The Earth in the Solar System-2
3.   The Earth in the Solar System-3
4.   Globe, Latitudes and Longitudes-1
5.   Globe, Latitudes and Longitudes-2
6.   Globe, Latitudes and Longitudes-3
7.   The Time Zones of the World
8.   Motions of the Earth-1
9.   Motions of the Earth-2
10. Signs (Symbols) Usedin Maps
11. Map of a Local Area (Sunderpur Village)
12. Major Domains of the Earth-1
13. Major Domains of the Earth-2
14. Major Landforms of the Earth-1
15. Major Landforms of the Earth-2
16. Our Country-India-1
17. Our Country-India-2
18. Our Country-India-3
19. India-Climate, Vegetation and Wild Life-1
20. India-Climate, Vegetation and Wild Life-2
21. India-Climate, Vegetation and Wild Life-3
22. India-Climate, Vegetation and Wild Life-4

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