A Practical Course In Effective English Speaking Skills

A Practical Course In Effective English Speaking Skills

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Publisher PHI Learning All Language Learning books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120345843
Author: J K Gangal
Number of Pages 336
Available in all digital devices
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About The Book A Practical Course In Effective English Speaking Skills

Book Summary:

A sequel to the authors well received book A Practical Course in Spoken English, this comprehensive yet compact book provides a practical course for enhancing ones English speaking skills. Divided into six parts and 44 chapters, the book in Part IThe Knowledge Paradigm: The What and Why of Effective Speakingdiscusses, among others, about phonetics and phonology, the phonemes, and stress and intonation. Part IIThe Skill Paradigm APublic Speaking Skillscovers such areas as using the 4Rs for effective speaking, combating stage fear, using audio-visual aids, and non-verbal communication. Part IIIThe Skill Paradigm BCommunicating with Peopledeals with such topics as making effective telephone calls, celebrating teachers day, expressing gratitude, participating in group discussions, and participating in TV/radio debate. Part IVFurther Strengthening Your Communication Skillsis devoted to a study of rein-forcing the readers vocabulary through such means as using phrasal verbs, linking words, consulting the Ready Reference Wordbook, and frequently used foreign words and phrases.

The final two partsPart V, The Desire to Achieve: Getting Motivated, and Part VI, Effective English Speaking Skills in Actionprovide the meaning and techniques of self-motivation, evaluating daily progress, besides giving some memorable speeches delivered by great speakers like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, US Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln, and the civil rights activist, Martin Luther King.

The book, written in an accessible and student-friendly manner, is meant for anyone who possesses a fair amount of English speaking skills but wishes to further enhance those skills. Undergraduate students of different disciplines and even plus two students should find the book quite useful and interesting. As acquiring communication skills is a must in todays extremely competitive world, this book would do wonders to the student as well as the lay reader.

Table of Contents:
Preface. Part I: The Knowledge ParadigmThe What and Why of Effective Speaking1. Why Do You Need to Speak Effectively? 2. Effective SpeakingMeaning and Constituents. 3. Some Myths about Effective English Speaking. 4. English Phonetics and PhonologyThe Sounds of English. 5. The Phonemes. 6. Stress and Intonation. Part II: The Skill ParadigmA Public Speaking Skills7. Using 4Rs for Effective Speaking. 8. How to Achieve Effective Public Speaking Skills. 9. Combating Stage Fear. 10. Using Audio-Visual Aids. 11. Handling Questions from Audience. 12. Non-Verbal CommunicationThe Body Language. Part III: The Skill ParadigmB Communicating with People13. Talking on the Phone. 14. Congratulating People. 15. Farewell Function for the Principal. 16. Offering Condolences. 17. Replying to Felicitations and Thanking.
18. Celebrating Teachers Day. 19. Celebrating Valentines Day. 20. Expressing Gratitude. 21. Expressing Admiration and Offering Compliments. 22. Expressing Disapproval and Displeasure. 23. Seeing People Off. 24. Participating in Group Discussions (GDs). 25. Responding to Criticism and Negative Remarks. 26. Participating in Interactive TV/Radio Debate. 27. Interacting with the Media. 28. Communicating with Your Boss. 29. Negotiating for a Lasting Gain. 30. Proposing a Vote of Thanks. Part IV: Further Strengthening Your Communication Skills31. Phrasal Verbs Frequently Used for Effective Speaking. 32. Additional Expressions for Acquiring Effective English Speaking Skills. 33. Linking Words. 34. Using One Word for Group of Words. 35. Personal Interview. 36. Words Often Mispronounced. 37. Your Ready Reference Wordbook. 38. Frequently Used Foreign Words and Phrases. Part V: The Desire To Achieve Getting Motivated39. Meaning and Techniques for Self-Motivation.
40. Evaluating Daily Progress. 41. Drawing the Curtains. Part VI: Effective English Speaking Skills in Action42. Some Memorable Speeches from World History. 43. Some Good Anecdotes. 44. Some Thought-Provoking Quotes and Epigrams.