Quality Management and Reliability

Quality Management and Reliability
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Quality Management and Reliability

ISBN: 9788174093028

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Preface to the Third Edition
Since, Indian Economy is now entering into an era of globalisation, it is felt that only those organisations which are quality conscious and cost competitive can survive. Further, the customer is also quality conscious and demands quality in product and services. In view of this, industries need to continuously upgrade their quality. In view of the above, the book have been revised and emphasis have been given on topics related to customer satisfaction, Total Quality Management and its Tools, Quality Measurement, ISO-9000 2008 revised version of ISO-9000 1994 , Companywide Quality Assessment. A few other modifications have been carried out in various chapters especially with reference to management commitment, involvement of all the people, continuous improvement and various techniques broughout by various quality gurus. Due to changes made in the syllabuses of different universities, the title of the book have been changed from "Inspection, Quality Control and Reliability" to "Quality Management and Reliability". The book covers the syllabuses on Inspection, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management, Total Quality Control, Total Quality Management, Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Process Control and Reliability Engineering. I am confident that this revised edition will meet latest requirements of the readers. Any suggestions and comments for further improvement of the book will be thankfully acknowledged. S.C. Sharma
Preface to the First Edition
With the rapid advancement in technology and awareness, the users have become highly quality conscious and demanding. This calls for the products, equipments, and services with high degree of quality, reliability and safety. The concept of end product inspection has shifted to the philosophy of quality assurance. The belief that quality and elements of reliability and safety has to be built in right from its design stage and enforcement of the stringent quality assurance measures during manufacture has brought in drastic changes in the approach towards quality assurance. Today the quality assurance is based on quality audit checks and surveillance of the manufacturer s processing environment and quality systems rather than testing and inspection of finished products. In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is important to stipulate reliability requirements of components and sub-systems. In an era of highly intense global competition, countries apply quality methodologies in the form of strategic quality management, quality systems, quality assurance and quality control, in order to gain or sustain a competitive edge. A comprehensive and effective quality assurance plan is structured to cover quality of input materials and components during manufacture, assembly, packaging and transporting before passing the