Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics
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Engineering Physics

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120341289
Number of Pages: 480
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Engineering Physics
Book Summary:

This book, now in its second edition, is suitable for the first-year students of all branches of engineering for a course in Engineering Physics. The book exposes students to fundamental knowledge in the following topics of physics :

Interference, polarization, and diffraction of light


Lasers and optical fibre

Quantum mechanics and band theory of solids

Special theory of relativity

Nuclear radiation detectors

Dielectric materials and electromagnetism

Key Features :

Gives preliminaries at the beginning of the chapters to prepare the students for the concepts discussed in the particular chapter.

Provides a large number of solved numerical problems.

Gives numerical problems and other questions asked in the university examinations for the last several years.

Appendices at ends of chapters supplement the textual material.

Table of Contents:
1. Interference of Light
2. Polarization of Light
3. Diffraction of Light and Holography
4. Coherence Lasers and optical Fibre
5. Quantum Mechanics
6. Special Theory of Relativity
7. Nuclear Radiation Detectors
8. Dielectric Materials
9. ElectromagNETISM