The Oracle 11G Performance Tuning By Rajeev A. Parida

The Oracle 11G Performance Tuning By Rajeev A. Parida
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The Oracle 11G Performance Tuning By Rajeev A. Parida

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789382828319

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PREFACE In today s Internet-centric economy, too many organizations respond to Oracle performance problems by throwing money at these problems by buying larger and more expensive computers or by hiring expert consultants. But there s a lot you can do on your own to increase dramatically the performance of your existing system. Whatever version of Oracle you re running from Version 10g to Oracle 11g, proper tuning can save your organization a huge amount of money in additional equipment, extra memory, and hardware upgrades. The first edition of Oracle 11g Performance Tuning became a classic for programmers, managers, database administrators, system administrators, and anyone who cares about improving the performance of an Oracle database system. Oracle 11g Performance Tuning is a must-have reference guide for all Oracle professionals. It provides much-needed information on best practices, tips, and techniques in debugging and tuning of the Oracle 11g database. It will bring you the insider information that you can t get anywhere else. It is a book for people who administer the operation of an Oracle Database system. Referred to as database administrators DBAs , they are responsible for creating Oracle Database, ensuring its smooth operation, and monitoring its use.
PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK My main purpose is to give you a foundation for using, the Oracle database effectively and efficiently. Therefore, I wrote with these principles in mind I have tried to concentrate on the most important Oracle 11g performance tuning issues. Every topic provides a comprehensive but concise discussion of how Oracle 11g handles a tuning issue and the repercussions of that action. One of the first decisions I made was to concentrate on principles rather than syntax. There simply isn t room for myriad syntax diagrams and examples in this book. I have tried to make this an ideal first oracle 11g tuning book for a wide spectrum of oracle users but not the last you will very likely have to refer to Oracle documentation or other, more specific books for more details about using Oracle 11g tuning. However, I hope this book will act as information from other sources and put it to the best use. This book is the result of over 14 years of experience with oracle and other databases. I have tried to apply that experience as best I can here.
WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is an aid for people responsible for the operation, maintenance, and performance of Oracle database. This book describes detailed ways to enhance Oracle performance by writing and tuning SQL properly, using performance tools, and optimizing instance performance. It also explains how to create an initial database for good performance and includes performancerelated reference information. This book could be useful for database administrators, application designers, and programmers. Good Luck, be patient, and I look forward to work with you. AUTHOR
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT You must be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi There have been many who have helped me become who I currently am, and who have directly or indirectly participated in this project. I must start with my gratitude to God, the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and ever-present help. On earth, I acknowledge the consistent support from my wife Anupama and my son Ayush. They patiently put up with my absences as I sat at the PC, typing away late in the night and on weekends, missing family time together.