Data Structure for C Programming By Ajay Kumar

Data Structure for C Programming By Ajay Kumar
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Data Structure for C Programming By Ajay Kumar

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131802984

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PREFACE Second Edition Information Technology, the acronym of which is IT, has come a long way to stay for ever in our midst. It is said One month of IT is equivalent to one social year . The domains of IT are expanding by each passing day, month and year. Every day, newer application softwares are being developed, with programming as the base, which itself has its essentials in Data Structure and File Structure. A good programmer is expected to know both these skills. Standard softwares like Customer Relationship Management and ERP, which need Data Structure are in great demand. Even search engine programming needs Data Structure. Though Data Structure can be learned through any programming language, C language renders the learning much easier and worthwhile. Students of various universities like IGNOU, MDU, KU, DU and others, and those preparing for different courses such as MCA, BCA, PGDCA, B.Tech will find that their syllabuses are fully covered in this book. Those having the working knowledge of C programming and who have at least understood the pointers will be able to comprehend the complete programs and algorithms. Needless to say, these programs have been duly tested and algorithms have been written in a very simple form. I am sure the book is bound to improve your programming skills and program analysis. Suggestions for further improvement of the book will be welcome. Also your problems visa-vis programming will receive our prompt attention. You can mail your suggestions and problems at ds cp for a sure and prompt reply. Author
FOREWORD The book Data Structure for C Programming is the result of Ajay Kumar s persistent effort. The stamp of his earlier work on Web Site Development and 15 Live Projects in C language is, at once, visible. He has got certification Brain Bench USA in C Programming and Data Structure, which must have lent him both encouragement and strength in pursuing the subject. He has developed many new programs and algorithms for data structure which may not be found in other books. His book is written in easy language. This work is intended to be a structured reference book and arrangement of subject-matter of the book is according to the examination point of view. Even average students stand to perform well by using this book. Moreover, the book covers the courses of IGNOU, MDU, KU, DU for BCA, MCA, PGDCA, B.Tech exams. He has a passion for programming and love for meditation. I hope more useful books will be forthcoming from Mr. Ajay Kumar in the coming years.
Jennifer Tabako Aetna US Health Care, U.S.A.
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