C++ Made Easy By T. D. Malhotra

C++ Made Easy By T. D. Malhotra
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C++ Made Easy By T. D. Malhotra

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788170089123

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PREFACE It is a matter of immense pleasure to present the useful book C Made Easy . This book is not only useful for the beginners but also for the programmers using data structures skills. The importance of C as a programming language cannot be foreseen. It is very popular language among the program-developers due to its fast compilation capabilities. This piece of work covers the details of C theoretical aspects with a number of programs. In fact this book should be considered in the light of two separate units. The first part deals with the General Concepts, Logic, Flow of Control, I O Functions, Functions, Pointers, Files etc. and the second part covers the data structure aspects which is the advanced programming portion of the book. The advanced stage of the book consists of Arrays, Structures, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues. There is a gradual shift from General Concepts of Programming to Advanced Techniques. Each topic in the book is followed by the illustration or program so that the concept of the presentation becomes clear to the reader. Even in the end of the chapter, additional worked out illustrations have been given. Each chapter is followed by a good number of questions in the exercise. This book is highly useful for a stream of courses adopted by various boards, universities and professional institutes. The subject of Computer Science With C has been included in various courses like BCA, PGDCA, MCA, M.Sc. IT of various universities. The book is written in such a lucid style that the reader will feel the presence of tutor in front of him. The attempt of the author will be successful only if the readers, to whom the book is primarily intended to, are benefited from it. I shall be highly glad to receive any constructive suggestion for improvement of the book from all segments of the readership. This will help to improve the book for the next editions to come. AUTHOR
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author is indebted to all those who helped directly or indirectly in preparing the manuscript of this book in a short span of time. My special acknowledgments are due to Mr. S.K. Malhotra who provided with the useful inputs for preparation of the manuscript. My acknowledgments are also due to my publishers Firewall Media An Imprint of Laxmi Publications Pvt. Ltd. for bringing the book in nice format. Last but not the least, I feel pleased to put on record sincere thanks to all concerned for encouragement, cooperation and providing invaluable suggestions to prepare the manuscript. AUTHOR
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2. General Concepts