Principles Of Electronics

Principles Of Electronics
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Principles Of Electronics

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159323

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About this eBook

Basic electronics is a compulsory subject for the first year engineering students from all the disciplines. This book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook in accordance with the syllabus of Basic Electronics offered by various universities in India. It also meets the needs of those readers who want to gain a sound understanding of the principles of electronics. This book has been written in a very simple and lucid manner. Every effort has been made to make the treatments simple and comprehensive. Throughout the book, the stress has been given on fundamental concepts through illustrative examples. Neat and clear diagrams have been used for explanation. A large number of self explanatory accurate diagrams and tables have been used to supplement the text. Exercises and problems are also provided. This will help the students to prepare accordingly. This book is also intended as a textbook for the use in Electronics and Communication courses in polytechnics, IETE, AMIE and for various Engineering Electronics examinations. Thus, primarily designated as an undergraduate textbook for students of science and technology, this study will provide balanced coverage of devices, analog and digital circuits, with an emphasis on analog electronics. I have no claim to the original research in preparing this book. Liberal use of the materials available in the work of eminent authors has been made. I have tried to fashion the vast amount of material available from primary and secondary sources into coherent body of description and analysis. Errors might have crept in despite utmost care to avoid them and author shall be grateful if these are reported along with other suggestions for improvement of the book. Author
I am heartily thankful to my husband Devkaran Nehra whose encouragement and faithful support from the initial to the final level enable me to develop this book, without which this book would not have come into existence. I deeply express my heartful thanks to the LAXMI PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD., for publishing this book in such a beautiful get-up and well in time. Lastly, I offer my regards and blessing to all of those who supported me in any respect during the completion of book. Author
TEC-101 TEC-2-1 UNIT-I SEMICONDUCTOR DIODES AND APPLICATIONS p-n junction, depletion layer, v-i characteristics, ideal and practical diode, diode resistance, diode capacitance, diode ratings average current, repetitive peak current, peak-inverse voltage , p-n junction as rectifiers half-wave and full-wave , filter shunt capacitor filter , calculation of ripple factor and load regulation, clipping circuit, clamping circuits, voltage multipliers. BREAKDOWN DIODE Breakdown mechanism zener and avalanche , breakdown characteristics,