Engineering Materials: Properties And Applications Of Metals And Alloys

Engineering Materials: Properties And Applications Of Metals And Alloys
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Engineering Materials: Properties And Applications Of Metals And Alloys

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120324480
Number of Pages: 272
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About The Book Engineering Materials
Book Summary:

This compact and student-friendly book provides a thorough understanding of properties of metallic materials and explains the metallurgy of a large number of metals and alloys.

The text first exposes the reader to the structure-property correlation of materials, that form the basis for predicting their behaviour during manufacturing and other service conditions, and then discusses the factors governing the selection of a material for specific applications. It further introduces the various specifications/designations, (including AISI/SAE system) used for steels and the alloying elements. The text also gives detailed coverage on mechanical behaviour of other engineering metals including Al, Mg, Cu, Ni, Zn and Pb.

Profusely illustrated with graphs and tables, the book presents a large number of questions and answers framed on the pattern of the university examinations. It thus enables the students to format compact and to-the-point answers.

This book would be highly valued by students of metallurgical engineering and also those pursuing various other engineering as well as polytechnic courses, besides professionals who deal with selection of materials.

Table of Contents:
List of Tables. List of Figures.
1. Introduction to Engineering Materials.
2. Carbon Steels.
3. Alloy Steels.
4. Cast Irons.
5. Light Metals and Alloys.
6. Copper and Its Alloys.
7. Nickel, Cobalt and Their Alloys.
8. White Metals and Their Alloys.
9. Refractory Metals and Alloys.
Multiple Choice Questions.