Heat And Mass Transfer

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Heat And Mass Transfer by C.P. Arora and Sadhu Singh
Book Summary:

Heat and Mass Transfer is a comprehensive text book for B.Tech./B.E. students of all Indian Universities and Institutions.

The book contains a large number of solved and unsolved problems, along with problems of various competitive examination, which will be helpful to the students preparing for various examinations at all levels.

The book in its present form contains twelve chapters comprising of Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer, General Heat Conduction Equation; Steady State Heat Conduction; Conduction with Internal Heat Generation; Theory of Fins; Unsteady–State Conduction; Forced Convection; Free Convection; Boiling and Condensation; Thermal Radiation; Heat Exchangers and Mass Transfer. The book contains a large number of solved and unsolved problems. Many problems have been taken from IES/IAS/Gate and other competitive examinations. Multi–choice Questions from these examinations have been given at the end of the book with explanatory notes. These shall be quite helpful to the candidates preparing for these examinations.

Audience of the Book :
(A Text Book for B.Tech./B.E. Students of all Indian Universities Also useful for IES/IAS/GATE and other competitive Examinations
Key Features:

The main features of the book are :

  • 282 Solved Examples, Highlights Chapter wise
  • 132 Multi-choice Questions Chapter wise
  • 152 Review Questions
  •  283 End of Chapter Exercise
  • 52 Solved Questions from IES/IAS Examinations
  •  300 Multi-choice Questions from IES Examinations

Table of Contents:

♦Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer

♦ General Heat Conduction Equation

♦ Steady State Heat Conduction

♦ Conduction with Internal Heat Generation

♦ Theory of Fins

♦ Unsteady-state Conduction

♦ Forced Convection

♦ Free or Natural Convection

♦ Convection with Phase Change

♦ Thermal Radiation

♦ Heat Exchanges

♦ Mass Transfer

♦ Solved Questions from Engg. Services Examinations

♦ Multi-Choice Questions from Engg. Services Examinations

♦Useful Tables and Data