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Chapter 1
Controller Principles
Chapter 2
Analog Controllers
Chapter 3
Control Loop Characteristics
Chapter 4
Controllers, Transmitters, Converters and Relays
Chapter 5
P ID Symbols and Diagrams.
Textbooks 1. Process Control Instrumentation Technology 7th Edition by Curtis D. Johnson, Pearson Education Publications Low Price Edition , 2003. For Chapter 1, 2 and 3 2. Instrument Engineers Handbook Volume 1-Process Measurement, Volume 2-Process Control, by Bela J. Liptak, Chilton Book Company. For Chapter 4 5
PROCESS CONTROL Course Overview The course offers a detailed study of process control with emphasis on different types of controllers and their principles, characteristics, implementation, quality, stability and tuning, which is quite essential for an instrumentation engineer to work in any process industries. The course provides a fundamental knowledge to instrumentation engineer regarding the implementation of controller techniques in the process industries. The course also provides a basic knowledge about process instrumentation drawing symbols and diagrams. Course Objective At the end of this course an instrumentation technology student will become familiar with process control tools and he she will be in a position to measure, acquire and control the process parameters in process industries. INDEX Chapter 1 Controller Principles 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Process Characteristics 1.3.1 Process Equation 1.3.2 Process Load 1.3.3 Process Lag