C Programming & Data Structures

C Programming & Data Structures C Programming & Data Structures Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Sanguine Publications
ISBN: 9789383506248

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About this eBook

Preface Came the year 1972 and Dennis Ritchie released his amazing language to the programming world The C language which is the brightest star even today in the world of programming. Despite the presence of numerous other programming languages, C has retained its identity and shines bright even till date. Since the invention of C, many authors have written numerous books on C and tried simplifying the concepts for learners. It was a long time dream of Team Aradhya to give the student community a book which is simple, readable and at the same time enjoyable. We strongly believe that we have done no compromise on this dream and we have worked to our fullest potential to convert this dream to reality. ABOUT THE BOOK AND THE INTENDED AUDIENCE The book has been presented in such a way that any student with no knowledge of programming will find it very easy to comprehend. The approach has been to simplify and convey all the concepts. To augment this, sufficient diagrams, and class-tested programs along with the outputs are provided. Similar to how the raw materials enter at one end of the machine, and comes out at the other end as finished product, any beginner reading this book would come out as strong programmer by the time the last page of the book is reached. The book also serves as a base material for students who are preparing for placements in campus off campus . The organization of chapters and presentation of the matter reflects our rich practical as well as teaching experience on C. During the development of this manuscript, even the minute details were given the utmost importance. Inputs have also been taken from professors, students and working professionals during the preparation of this book which makes the book very unique, elite and student-friendly . All the programs given in the chapters are tested for proper working along with screen shot outputs. Visual studio 2005, a standard and widely popular compiler is used to execute and test all the programs of this book. Here, we present this very special book for our beloved students and hope they enjoy reading the book. Happy learning Team Aradhya
Acknowledgements Writing this book has been one of the unforgetable experiences of our life. It has been a journey of unravelling our inner strengths and potential. We can just say that we had experienced the truth in saying that Where there is a will, there is a way . But this journey would not have been easy as it was without the help of many people who were instrumental in transforming our dreams into reality. We cannot forget the contributions of our students who reviewed our manuscripts and gave us valuable suggestions for making this book a reality. We also thank the eff orts and constant support of our colleagues Rudresh, Subramanya Raj, Sridhar K.R. , Vijay Kumar, Vijay, Vishal Patekar, Nitesh and ABC for Java and Testing staff. We take this opportunity to thank the editorial, sales and the production editorial teams at Sanguine, for their painstaking work in bringing out this book in record time with excellent formaing. A special and heart filled thanks to Mr. Gajanan Bhat and Mrs. Sumathi Bhat for making this book look beautiful. Anyone who has written a book would know about the amount of time and effort that goes into such a task. Anyone related to the authors would tell at whose expense that time was spent. We thank our parents and all our loved ones for standing by us and giving us unbounded love and unconditional support. Here we fall short of words while expressing our acknowledgements. Probably some feelings are better expressed in silence than in words.