Objective & Short Answer Questions in Veterinary Virology

Objective & Short Answer Questions in Veterinary Virology Objective & Short Answer Questions in Veterinary Virology Sample PDF Download
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Preface to Second Edition The first edition o f this book was published in 1993. It served its purpose to a great extent. On account o f newer information and fast developments in the field o f virology, the revision o f the book became overdue. The first edition was primarily written to review the subject mainly in question-answer form, ignoring a systematic approach on topics o f general information on viruses and familywise description o f viral diseases. Retaining the option o f dealing with the subject in question-answer form, the present edition has been revised and enlarged to include general information on animal viruses and familywise diseases. Several topics, including the classification o f viruses, viral genetics, virus-host cell interactions, their role in oncogenesis and diagnosis, immunity and epidemiology o f viral diseases, have been added. Description o f viral diseases includes different types serotypes o f viruses, their properties, transmission, clinical symptoms, pathogenesis and control measures. Every effort has been made to specifically deal with the viral diseases which are more pertinent to the livestock of Indian sub-continent. It is not claimed that the book is a complete textbook on virology. It is, however, hoped that it will be quite useful to the concerned students and staff o f veterinary colleges and will fill up some gap in the availability o f virology books o f this nature. We are thankful to the authors o f various textbooks and other reference materials on virology which have been used liberally in revising and updating the book. We are also indebted to various authors for Figs. 3.1, 6.2, 7.1 and 7.2. The source o f these figures has already been acknowledged in appropriate chapters. Further we express our thanks to Shri Satish Jain and Shri Vinod Jain for publishing the book and Shri Dharmvir for his meticulous care in designing and preparation o f the book in the present form. The authors will appreciate receiving comments on the book, if any, for improvement and correction in the next edition. B.S.
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Preface to First Edition Ever since the switch over o f the traditional system o f teaching and examination o f Agricultural and Veterinary Science subjects to Land Grant pattern o f USA, in nineteen sixties, the old system has been modified considerably. Under new trimester semester system, the students are evaluated through a number o f quizes, hourly, mid term and final examinations, generally on the basis o f multiple choice and short answer questions. This system regularly evaluates the student s learning process. The examinees know their performance and the teachers have chance to see how effective is their teaching. In trimester semester system, the subject is distributed in a number o f courses. The students