Extension Techniques for Livestock Development

Extension Techniques for Livestock Development Extension Techniques for Livestock Development Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE The aim of writing this book is to introduce the students pursuing studies in graduate, post-graduate and doctorate courses in veterinary and animal husbandry extension, dairy extension, agriculture extension, etc about various extension techniques used for livestock development. It is also useful for field veterinarians, para-veterinarians and extension rural workers engaged in the field of livestock and rural development and various practices of veterinary and animal husbandry extension systems. This book begins with the introduction of extension education to the new reader followed by various rural and animal husbandry development programmes initiated for development of veterinary and animal husbandry sector by Government of India. This book also covers basic principles of teaching and learning for better impact of transfer of technology. Knowledge of various audio-visual aids and extension teaching methods will help the extension personnel in better presentation of subject matter to their ultimate clientele. Similarly information related to diffusion and adoption process will help in understanding livestock innovations adoption pattern by the beneficiaries. Formulation of livestock and rural development programmes may be helpful for improvement and development of livestock of that area. Besides this, analysis techniques of development programmes have been briefly explained in the book. The book is self explanatory and will also be highly beneficial for the pass out students who have completed their graduation, post-graduation and doctorate of veterinary sciences, dairy sciences and other related fields when they come in profession of transfer of veterinary animal husbandry techniques. This book will help field extension workers to better communicate to ultimate beneficiaries as these people have thorough knowledge of animal husbandry technologies. Author
ABOUT THE BOOK Livestock becomes the primary source of income for rural families specially under recurring drought conditions or by failure of field crops due to other natural calamities. India s huge livestock population have low production potential as compared to the global average. Even after achieving the highest milk production level in the world a number of aspects still require proper attention to be dealt with. The potentiality of these aspects can be harnessed through trained extension personals who can play a vital role in transfer of new technologies to the livestock owners by motivating, improving their knowledge, skill and their adoption. This book will surely be helpful for graduates, post graduates, and Ph. D. students pursuing studies in veterinary animal husbandry, dairy, agriculture and other related sciences as it provides them the basic information about extension education,