Veterinary Andrology & Artificial Insemination

Veterinary Andrology & Artificial Insemination Veterinary Andrology & Artificial Insemination Sample PDF Download
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Veterinary Andrology & Artificial Insemination

Publisher: CBS Publications
ISBN: 9788123907161

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Preface Reproduction is a joint venture in which both males and females participate. Reproductive disorders are more apparent in females, hence failures are often attributed to female gender only. A close examination of the process, however, reveals that males are as great offenders as females to cause infertility problems. The male should provide sperms which are competent to fertilize the ovum. Whenever there is large-scale problem of infertility in a herd or in large number of females, the male is always seen with suspicion. In addition to productive efficiency, the clinical examination of the bull for its reproductive efficiency is gaining more and more popularity. There are many excellent books on andrology and A.I. which would undoub ly remain unmatched for many years to come. None of these are tailor-made for the B.V.Sc. A H. syllabus prescribed by Indian Veterinary Council and followed by Indian veterinary institutions. Necessity for a concise book on Clinical Andrology and A.I. within the scope and apprehension of undergraduate veterinary students has thus been felt for long. This compendium cum workbook has been attempted with the expectation that it would fulfill this long felt need and would provide necessary guidelines to the B.V.Sc. A.H. students. Basically, the contents of the book have been drawn from diverse literary sources as well as the practical field experience of the author. There might be some errors in the text and there is tremendous scope for improvement. The suggestions and criticisms would always be heartily welcomed. Many of my senior colleagues, my associates, friends and students have made valuable contributions towards compilation of this book and the author is deeply indebted to Dr. Harpal Singh, Dean, College of Veterinary Sciences Dr. S.N. Maurya, Prof. Head, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr. B.D. Lakhchaura, Prof. Head, Department of Veterinary Biochemistry for their insj iralion and valuable suggestions. Dr. V. Umapathi, Junior Research Officer and Mr. K.C. Joshi, Steno-typist of the Department of Veterinary Biochemistry deserve exceptional appreciation for their wholehearted help. Sincere thanks are due to Dr. V.B. Saxena, Dr. H.P. Gupta and Dr. Shiv Prasad for their critical suggestions. Km. Geeta Kandpal, Teaching Associate of the Department of Veterinary Biochemistry deserves appreciation in handling work on computer. The author would like to express his appreciation and indebtedness to his wife Meena and daughters, Shilpi and Shubhangi for their understanding and forgiveness they had shown for his several long absences from home. M.S. Saxena vii
For B.V.Sc. A.H. Degree Programme
Andrology and Artificial Insemination
VOG-511 Cr. Hrs. 2 0 2 Introduction, development, comparative study of male genitalia and gonads. Growth, puberty, sexual maturity and libido. Endocrine control of reproduction in the male domestic animals. Factors affecting maturity and sex drive in bulls. Sexual behaviour in males. Forms of male infertility. General considerations. Factors affecting infertility in male, its treatment and diagnosis. Diseases, abnormalities and malformations of male genitalia, their diagnosis and treatment of coital injury and infections. Testicular hypoplasia and degeneration. Diseases of the accessory sex glands. Introduction, history, development, advantages and limitations of A.I. methods of semen collection in various species. Technique of A.I. factors affecting quality and quantity of semen. Tests for evaluation of semen extension of semen preservation of semen at different temperatures. Storage