VTU QUESTION PAPERS 5th Semester Civil 2012-2014

VTU QUESTION PAPERS 5th Semester Civil 2012-2014 VTU QUESTION PAPERS 5th Semester Civil 2012-2014 Sample PDF Download
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Define i Void ratio ii Porosity iii Degree of saturation iv Water content v Dry unit weight vi Unit weight of soil solids vii Air content with the help of a three phase diagram vitl o oge of air voids. 05 Marks
With usual notations derive the relationship Se W.G. 05 Marks The volume of an undisturbed clay sample having a natural water content of 40oh is 25.6 x 10-6 m3 and its weight is 0.435N. Calculate the void ratio and degree of saturation of the sample, if specific gravity is2.75. Solve by first principles. 10 Marks
Define i Liquid limit ii Plastic limit iii Shrinkage limit iv Relative consistency v Toughness index vi Slenderness ratio. 06 Marks A 100 x 10-6 m3 clay sample has a natural water content of 3To o.Its shrinkage limit is 18 . If the sp.gr. of solids is 2.72, what will be the volume of sample at a water content of l5Yo In a liquid limit test
f cenaln mens or certa samDte of clav follo le ot ctav Ioilow Water content 31.93 2l.62 25.51
04 Marks readings are obtained 23.30 42
10 Marks
c'l i n s
No. of blows 5 23 l6 The plastic limit of clay is 130 o natural water content is 18 . Determine liquid limit, plasticity index, liquidity index, relative consistency, flow index and toughness index of soil.
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